Wii Fit

I'm buggered. I've just finished a round with Wii Fit and I'm feeling the proverbial burn. It's strange, I'm not one to exercise, yet I'm compelled to here. I wonder: is it because it's a "game"? Were the balance board some product advertised after MacGuyver reruns at 1AM I doubt I'd be bothered. But here I am, bothered... sweaty... and addicted.

I want to be fit, I want Wii Fit.

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It's hard to score Wii Fit within normal gaming conventions. It's the most "far-removed from a game" title in Nintendo's Touch Generations range. It's not a game, yet it is. Wii Fit is about getting you exercising and it suceeds. But not only on the level of engaging the type of person who wants to exercise, no, Wii Fit can also capture the minds and bodies of your stereotypical gamer. And that's no mean feat.

Wii Fit is more than just leaning on a board; you'll get a trainer and pump it in the drabbest gyms you've ever seen. The plus side is that this gym provides the comfort of not having muscle-heads stare you down. From playing/exercising twenty to thirty minutes a day I've actually noticed a decent amount of tension be released in my muscles. I kid you not, but I also was caught having to run yesterday and didn't get tired at all. So yes, Wii Fit can work, but you've got to let it; as the Tae-Bo guy says “If you’ve got the will, I’ve got the way”. The exercises range from yoga to lunges to hula. Finding out what suits you best is a bit forced in that you have to unlock different exercises as you progress.

Before starting Wii Fit, be sure to find out how tall you are as this is an integral piece of information for the balance board to determine how overweight you are. Well, it can go both ways - you could be underweight - but it makes me feel better to think that you are too. The balance board measures this with the controversial BMI method, and based on what the board thinks, you're able to set weight loss goals for yourself which you'll be able to check on as you progress through your journey with Wii Fit.

Quite a nice touch is that you'll be able to use your Mii's to represent yourself; a nicer touch is that your weight is visualised with the Mii. Yes, you'll be seeing chubby and anorexic Mii's.

Beyond the pure exercises there are a few fun mini-games such has dancing and skiing, but snowboarding is where the game really shines. It's quite disconcerting how real it feels despite you being represented by a charming little Mii. Though there's a lot to get into, the lack of multiplayer is a little disheartening, as my wife and I would've loved to be able to exercise together. Sure, it's unlikely that people would buy multiple balance boards given that Wii Fit retails for $199, but the fact remains that the addition of this mode would have made Wii Fit an undeniably better experience.

If you’re able to motivate yourself to exercise you can do no wrong in getting Wii Fit. Granted it’s not for everyone, but the ones it is for will be able to take a lot away from it. If it does the job well there, then what more does it need? Wii Fit is a novel approach to exercise and as a result makes it a little more fun. Again, it’s not for everyone but it’s hard not to recommend Wii Fit if you’re able to dedicate $199 and your body to it.

"Wii Fit works; mission accomplished."
- Wii Fit
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