Riff: Everyday Shooter

Riff: Everyday Shooter takes the top-down angle of Robotron 2084, adds the music manipulation style of Rez and the chain reactions of Every Extend Extra. Initially it throws you in with three lives and the option to buy more in the extras menu for 1000 points each, or earn more by scoring 200 points. There are also a number of new levels and effects to unlock and purchase in the extras menu, all of which are designed to add to the longevity.

The core gameplay revolves around the classic top-down shooter with a continuous guitar riff in the background which can be manipulated as you destroy the numerous enemies and collect points. It’s the same tried-and-true gameplay used by a lot of other shooters on the download services, which means these games have to do something interesting to stand out.

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Finishing levels comes down to staying alive until the riff ends. It’s easier than it sounds when you have fifty plus enemies crowding the screen and very few lives. Character designs are simple; you pilot a block - which makes even the triangle in Asteroids look complex – and have to dart around the screen collecting points while avoiding and shooting the more complex enemies. Although it's odd that they put more work into the enemy ships than the players’, this minimalist approach to the graphics suits the gameplay style by keeping the action smooth, the download small and audio and gameplay as the dominated features.

"A stylistic shooter hits the PLAYSTATION Network."
- Riff: Everyday Shooter (PSN)
Follow Own it? Rating: G   Difficulty: Easy   Learning Curve: 5 Min


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