Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario's design is like no other, however; it's an amalgam of many, drawing from their strengths and infusing them together as one. Super Paper Mario is part RPG, part side-scroller, part adventure, all fun.

Super Paper Mario has our titular hero making nice with familiar enemies, all in the name of bringing down the new supervillian, Count Bleck. Bleck is one twisted individual; after forcing Bowser and Peach to wed he then throws Mushroom Kingdom into a whirling chaos. Twists and turns in the game's plot are plentiful and highly unexpected, and it's because of this that the game is so engaging. Being able to fight side by side with Bowser provides a great feeling.

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As great a game as this is, it's not for everyone. No, I daresay this is a game which'll appeal to many, but appease only a few. This is because of the way the story is told - there are no breathtaking cinematics and highly stylised shots; instead, there is text. Lots of text.

Simple sciene: If you enjoy reading, you'll enjoy Paper Mario, if you don't, you won't. The game relies quite heavily on its non-verbalised script. Though this script is wonderfully written and very clever it does possess the ability to hamper the enjoyment one can take away from the game. Long-time Nintendo fans will benefit the most from the game's writing as there a lot of pop-culture references themed around Nintendo history.

If you're familiar with Super Paper Mario you'll know the game has traditionally been a 2D fiasco laced together by turn-based combat with a few timed button presses throughout. Super Paper Mario makes way for a more user-friendly and commercially viable combat system, whereby combat is of a more traditional 2D style in real-time.

Shaking the controller during special combat moves can give you style points, and again shaking the controller can help remove status effects. Beyond that, there's not much else to the Wii specific controls.

Puns aside, it's true that Super Paper Mario gives us a new view on how sidescrollers can be played. In order to search out every corner of the worlds you roam you're going to have to flip the perpective from 2D to 3D constantly.

Super Paper Mario is a must-have title for the Wii, and is the first real game in a while. This isn't a rental folks; this is a quality purchase.

"This ain't no rental, folks."
- Super Paper Mario
Follow Own it? Rating: G   Difficulty: Easy   Learning Curve: 15 Min


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