Power Stone Collection

Power Stone was a fun multiplayer hit back on the Sega Dreamcast. After that console's demise, it looked like we wouldn’t be seeing another Power Stone title - enter Power Stone Collection for PSP.

So, how does it stack up against the DC originals? Well there are good and bad points to the ports. Coming from Dreamcast to PSP may sound like a step up for the series with PSP’s superior specs, but unfortunately, the smaller PSP screen makes it harder to get a good view of the battles. It makes it unnecessarily difficult to play, even making it unplayable at times. Both Power Stone titles have longer load times, even compared to the Dreamcast originals.

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It’s not all bad news, though. The graphics look a lot sharper on the PSP’s screen. Power Stone Collection also adds wi-fi support to both games for up to four players.

For the uninitiated, Power Stone revolves around the ‘power stones’ used by fighters to enhance their abilities and unleash devastating attacks. Unfortunately, in gameplay this translates to whoever gets the stones first are almost guaranteed to win after unleashing their devastating special attacks.

There is a wide variety of weapons with which to unload on your opponent in both games, including a rocket launcher, flamethrower and gatling gun. These are often useful in acquiring the power stones as they knock your opponent down, which is easier than taking them on in melee combat.

There’s nothing more satisfying then opening up on someone with Falcon’s missile special attack. In boss battles, however, the power stones aren’t so easy to obtain. Instead of scoring a quick victory with the stones you have to attack boss’ weak points. As with most boss battles these days, there is a good strategy for each boss. Take the first boss in Power Stone 2, for example: you have to break two of the spider creature’s legs to reach its head.

Power Stone was a great multiplayer title for its time, at the dawn of the Dreamcast’s short life. Power Stone 2 featured a heavier single player game with multiple paths to select at the end of each round and beefed up graphics. These PSP ports show there’s still fun to be had in the games, though they might be better left to full sized console ports.

"Collecting power stones, PSP style!"
- Power Stone Collection
Follow Own it? Rating: PG   Difficulty: Hard   Learning Curve: 15 Min


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