Capcom Classics Collection

There’s nothing better than being able to relive the old days, when arcade machines were all the rage, and you’d spend your hard-earned money on them for hours at a time. With the recently released Capcom Classics Collection, you are able to bring back all those memories with twenty-two legendary games ranging from 1984 to 1992.

Perhaps the best part of this collection is that they allow you to play them just as they were in the arcade machines. Play on your own, or get a friend to pick up the other controller and press start to jump in. You’ll believe you’re fifteen years in the past quicker than you can say “Pirate Ship Hige-what?”

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The one game which gamers of any generation will recognize at first glimpse is Street Fighter II. Alongside the included Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Street Fighter II is an exact port of the arcade version featuring all the stars, such as Ryu, Ken, Blanka, Guile and the rest of the gang, and features the same music and sound effects that were in the original inception. Ryu and Ken shouting “Hadoken” in unison will take you back to ’91.

In each of the games, the buttons have been mapped perfectly, and you are able to use the analog stick, which is a pretty cool touch. Also added is the auto-save feature, which allows you to keep high-scores, and also to unlock tips, music, artwork, and other behind-the-scenes information pertaining to the games by achieving certain in-game scores or goals.

Ghosts’n Goblins is another popular game that has made its way into the collection, and while a simple 2d side scroller where you must shoot the approaching enemies may not sound hard, you’ll often find yourself being challenged, but always coming back for more. And with the simple press of the start button, you are able to keep going, instead of needing a bucket load of coins for the old arcade machines. This 1985 classic is a welcome addition to any game collection.

With other great shooters such as 1942, 1943, Forgotten Worlds, Gun.Smoke, and Legendary Wings, you’ll be blasting your way to the top of the score boards either by yourself, or with mates, in no time. Action games such as Trojan and Commando are also present to spice things up a little, and are all incredibly fun.

While Capcom Classics Collection as a whole is hard to judge graphics wise, you’ve got to admit that once you’re playing the games, if they can entertain the player like these do, then the graphics don’t matter all that much. The same can be said about the sound. It’s a collection of beeps and poorly recorded phrases such as “hadoken!”. However, it is these sounds which stick in the memories of the arcade player, and make them that much more memorable when they load up a game such as Street Fighter II for the first time on Capcom Classics Collection.

With classics such as 1942, Commando, Final Fight, Ghosts’n Goblins, Street Fighter II and SonSon, you can’t go wrong in picking this game up for some old-school loving this holiday season.

"You can’t go wrong in picking this game up."
- Capcom Classics Collection
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