TimeSplitters 2

Plug your two controllers then start the first mission and you end up on a hydro-electric power facility with 2 Silenced PP7 guns in front of you. Are you sure we got the right game cause it's like playing Golden Eye and Perfect Dark? Ahh who cares this game rocks!

Ruthless aliens known as TimeSplitters tried to destroy the race of humanity. Their mission is still incomplete and with great resistance from men it seems impossible to try and destroy the race of men. The Timesplitters now have a weapon of great power that can destroy humanity and make it look like nothing has happened. Timecrystals is what continues their offensive against mankind, going 200 years back into human history makes it a lot easier to destroy and enslave the race of men. This is where Sgt. Cortez and Colonal. Hart step in and try to force a resistance against the rebelious aliens. Your job is to destroy any infected alien sites, neutralize all timesplitter activity and retrieve the time crystals that the alien timesplitters scattered through out history.

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Once your in the time portal there is no going back until you complete the mission.

After the cinematic of storymode you are Sergant Cortez. As soon as you go to a different time in history your whole appearance, voice and actions change much like your a person from that specific time and you look more like them and less like you.

Storymode is based around objectives much like 007 Golden Eye but since you can go through time objectives take a rapid change from disabling surveillance equipment to ripping off wanted posters of yourself from the west. Themes take a big effect in this game, going back 1932 in Chicago everything looks present in their time with whiskey barrels everywhere and gangs looking like the classic mafia walking around with old vintage rifles and tommy guns in their staunch suits makes the game feel lively for every mission you do. Also finishing each mission on a variety of difficulty rewards you with unlocked characters, unlocked levels, unlocked cinematic scenes, unlocked game modes, unlocked cheats and the most common of all, getting to the next level.

There are nine different missions through time on this game, I know it doesn't sound like much but heck it's long on hard difficulty and on Co-operative it's twice as active.

The game runs on a steady 60fps with such colourful textures and animated characters the themes bring out the true power of the PS2. The characters don't look true to real life people but the colours in this game make the PS2 look outstanding and it's very hard for the game to get knocked off it's 60fps. This game has state of the art graphics for PS2 even if it doesn't support Progressive Scan or anything special these graphics are the best to date for PS2.

If you are new to the twin analogue game play then it will take a while getting used to.Even if you try customizing your controller it still ends up as an awful feeling so it's best to start of slow with whatever control set-up you have or else you won't even be able to kill a standing still target. For people who have played Halo and who the control mechanics to that game you'd be familiar with the classic control layout of TimeSplitters 2 and you would most likely prefer this controller than your general XBox S-Controller. Although being a DualShock controller it isn't as comfortable to get your hands around as the GameCube controllers are but with this game it makes every button on the DualShock controller feel active and that's the main reason why newbies find it difficult to start off.

They made the sounds to their exact emotions, except for when you kill those sexy looking ladies it sounds like I'm in bed with Jennifer Love-Hewitt. The music sets the next biggest part of the theme and the first level music lushes memories of goldeneye and addiction. Then you have places like Chicago which has classic Jazz music and then you go to the Wild West where everything sounds... you know westy.

Wouldn't you like to take control of drone guns and missile turrets to fire at your foes? Well this is full of F.D.D.G (fun-death-dealing-goodness), come on I mean who wouldn't want to use the enemy's weapon as your advantage. The only problem is when you go back to the 19'th century and early 20th century there was no such thing as surveillance equipment.

This is the better half of the game. That's right, there's basically two halves to this game so don't think it's over that quick. Arcade League invites you to a completely different side of the game that's sort of similar to Unreal Tournament. To complete Arcade League you'll have to overcome game modes such as CTF, Zones, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Assault and various other game modes.

There are three types of leagues to choose from, Amateur, Honorary and Elite. Each league specifying the difficulty setting and different arcade challenges. You complete arcade challenges by doing 1 objective, let's say that Jonny was stirring up trouble at school and he sent his gang after you. You must kill Jonny 10 times within a certain time limit. 2 minutes 20 for bronze, 2 minutes 5 for silver and 2 minutes for gold award. The higher the award you get the more extra's you get out of the challenge like unlocked characters, unlocked levels, unlocked game modes and unlocked cheats.

Arcade League is arguably the best part of the game but if you think once you've done arcade league it's over well your wrong again. Challenge is another game mode that offers challenges against pre-selected enemies, locations and weapons. Challenge is a way to test your skills as a player and has a number of hidden stuff to unlock.

Multi-player Golden Eye was the greatest part of one of the greatest FPS. Multi-player TimeSplitters 2 is the most fast paced bullet in the head driven FPS on the PS2. TimeSplitters 2 mixes the fun elements of Golden Eye multi-player with Perfect Dark's Botset and weapons selection but best of all it has all the game modes you could think of. Think of having 12 of your friends over at your house having a blast at all the game modes you can choose from then you got a game of never ending entertainment.

This game is a must purchase for any PS2 owner. It's one of the best a Playstation has to offer with state of the art graphics and game play, you'd never want to get rid of this. TimeSplitters 2 stands up there with 007 Golden Eye and Perfect Dark for the best FPS.

"This game is a must purchase for any PS2 owner. It's one of the best a Playstation has to offer with state of the art graphics and game play"
- TimeSplitters 2
Follow Own it? Rating: M   Difficulty: Medium   Learning Curve: 5 Min


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Question: Why does it talk about ps2 here? Thought this was for the wii...?

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Posted by Bunnny
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Now it says it's in ps2 section O_O"
Posted by dman
On Tuesday 21 Apr 2009 6:19 PM
we need a time splitter for ps3 long overdue