Everybody's Golf

Okay, so you've got your PSP and you've played your launch titles to death. What are you going to do now? Wait for another must-have title to launch? Go back to playing on your PlayStation 2? I bet you haven't considered picking up Everybody's Golf? I know what you are thinking, why would anyone buy a golf game that isn't Tiger Woods. Well my friends, think again. Everybody's Golf provides the kind of no-nonsense, gameplay that is just perfect for gaming on the go.

Everybody's Golf first appeared on the PlayStation many a moon ago and has since appeared on the PlayStation 2. The game disposes of Tiger's realistic player models and features crazy kids with big heads and mad British accents like mine, okay maybe not quite like mine. Okay, some of the characters might look they would be more at home in an anime than on a golf course, but what the hell.

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The game eschews anything in the way of complexity as far as gameplay goes and keeps it as simple and easy to pick up as possible. My review copy didn't even have an instruction book and I still managed to figure it out in about 5 minutes. Rather than relying on the analog stick like Tiger Woods, Everybody's Golf merely has a power bar that you have to stop a meter on using the O button. Set your power and then try and stop it near the end of the bar to hit a perfect shot. Its a gameplay technique older than time, but it works so don't knock it. The controls feel incredibly natural and even your dad could play it

The game’s characters - yes the crazy little big-head guys with British accents - are all full of life and are customisable using the unlockable costumes and accessories. I managed to get my crazy young kid looking creepily like a certain Mr Harry Potter. The voices may grate eventually once you hear ‘nice shot!’ for the hundredth time.

The characters look great though. They are hardly the most complex character models ever to grace a video game but in keeping it simple, the developer’s Clap Hanz, have created a game that has an unmistakable feel of its own. The courses look great too and are presented in full technicolour. It isn’t anywhere near as complex as something like Ridge Racer or WipEout Pure, but the game has a charm of its own and you will enjoy checking out the scenery.

The music is definitely one down point of the game. It sounds a little too much like elevator music for my liking and just drifts into the background. While it suits the game’s understated tone, it is a little bit on the boring side.

Multiplayer gaming, as with most PSP titles, is here too. While we don’t get the online modes from the PlayStation 2 version, some good old WiFi action should keep you golf nuts busy when you aren’t out terrorising birds at the real golf course. WiFi play is incredibly smooth and lag free. The only downer is that the game doesn’t feature any game sharing options.

Everybody’s Golf is a perfect title for gaming on the go. You’ll be able to play a few holes at a time between bus stops to make the daily commute to work or school just a little easier. So if you are looking for a title to keep you busy until the next big PSP title comes out, give Everybody’s Golf a look.

"The perfect way to shoot nine holes."
- Everybody's Golf
Follow Own it? Rating: G   Difficulty: Medium   Learning Curve: 5 Min


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