The Sims 3: Supernatural

It’s Sims 3 expansion pack time again, boys and girls. Come close and let me tell you a story to chill your spine and give you nightmares...

OK, so this latest title’s no Evil Dead or Poltergeist, but the otherworldly overhaul that Sims 3 Supernatural brings to the game is still pretty damn cool, especially after the ultra saccharine-sweetness of the last expansion, (Katy Perry’s) Showtime.

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The new town that comes with Supernatural is called Moonlight Falls, which upon first glance, seems rather ordinary. But if you look closer you’ll see that there are some intriguing new locations, including the Arboretum, where fairies and other supernatural types go to play, new watering hole The Toadstool, an elixir shop, gypsy caravan, and even a broom arena where witches can perform their best flying stunts. Dotted around the town are fairy houses, strange mushrooms sprouting up under trees and a heap of new plants, like mandrakes, truffles, and ghost chillies.

There’s a new mechanic introduced in this expansion as well: the lunar cycle. When that big ol’ full moon rolls around everything gets a little crazy: werewolves go on the hunt, fairies slip into a sort of lunatic mode, embracing and then slapping people at random, while plant-hunting zombies mysteriously appear, shambling and groaning around the neighbourhood. Just try throwing a party during a full moon, and see what chaos ensues.

In terms of playable characters, there’s no less than six different supernatural ‘types’ you can choose from: fairy, werewolf, vampire (‘new and improved’!), genie, zombie, witch, and ghost. Each of the supernatural creatures have their own set of abilities and traits (and some have new lifetime wishes), facial features, skin colour, fangs, and body hair. Always wanted that cro-magnon brow or some vulcan ears for your Sim? Look no further - it’s all achievable now.

Magic plays a big part in this new expansion as well, with witches, fairies, and - to a lesser degree - genies all gaining new spellcasting abilities. In many ways playing as a witch is the most fun, as they get to fly around on a broom (or fancy vacuum cleaner), and use a wand to cast spells or curses on other Sims. Witches, as they advance in magic spellcasting, gain the ability to magically upgrade appliances, turn people into zombies (or toads), cast love spells and even put out a fire with a well-timed ice spell. There’s a reasonable number of spells available, and I genuinely enjoyed looking at different ways I could use them around town, whether I was causing havoc or spreading peace and love (awww).

Another cool new feature is the alchemy skill, which lets your sim create all sorts of new elixirs out of gathered ingredients (bugs, mushrooms, gems and the like). You can create potions to help break the ice with someone new, turn them into zombies (temporary or permanent), cause a bee attack, or even help out a vampire with some special sunscreen. Elixirs can be drunk, gifted to (or thrown at) another Sim, or sneakily disguised as a ‘mystery drink’ that hopefully someone will pick up and drink unwittingly.

Unfortunately it does appear that even the Sim who made the elixir in the first place can be fooled by the mystery drink, as I found to my chagrin after leaving a zombification elixir drink lying about on the floor. I had to put up with two days of my Sim shambling around the house, constantly trying to eat the houseplants. Graaaaaaaains!

These new features alone would make for a pretty good expansion pack, however the goodies really do just keep coming with this one. Supernatural also includes heaps of new clothes and hairstyles, gothic and fairy-themed furniture sets, a fortunetelling career, new music genre ‘Dark Wave’, new plants, fish and gems, new recipes, traits (I like ‘brooding’ and ‘proper’), as well as the ability to now write poetry (an outlet for those brooding, proper, types). There’s a magic mirror to talk to, and even Bonehilda, the skeletal maid from Makin’ Magic, makes a return.

I’ve been playing Supernatural for the better part of a week now, and it’s still surprising and delighting me with its cheery take on magic, horror and gothic. It’s an expansion in the very best sense, and now up at the top of my list of Sims 3 must-haves. Definitely recommended.

"Witches and Zombies and Ghosts, oh my!"
- The Sims 3: Supernatural
Follow Own it? Rating: M   Difficulty: Easy   Learning Curve: 15 Min


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Posted by PunisherNZL
On Thursday 20 Sep 2012 2:32 PM
On the top right of the page it says this game is the sopranos on ps2? i dont see tony soprano putting up with magic in his neighborhood unless the fairys worked at his strip club and the witchs brew up "magic white powder" lol