Untolds Legends: BotB

Who likes cutting things up with swords? Every one of course, but you just can't do this on the bus. You'll frighten the old ladies and then the burly bus driver will kick you off leaving you in the middle of nowhere and two dollars fifty out of pocket. Luckily one of the launch titles for the Sony PSP is Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade, enabling us to enjoy the bloody slaughter of countless monsters wherever we may be.

The story of Untold Legends is simple and, to be honest, irrelevant. You play the sole protector of the town of Aven and must protect your realm from the invading evils of giant spiders and reanimated skeletons. The only reason you'd want to speak to the people of Aven is to activate more quests as they tend to talk your ear off. Thankfully with a simple press of the circle button you can put a halt to their endless ramblings and get on to the killing. As your character grows stronger you'll find yourself quickly bored with the lacklustre plot that feels like your wading through porridge to get back to the superb action.

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Hack-&-Slash RPGs are a favourite on all platforms, including many popular titles like the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy and 'Champions of Norrath'. Untold Legends follows closely to 'Champions of Norrath's recipe for success using a similar levelling system and allowing for character customisation.

The character customisation feature is severely limited however. You have four characters to choose from: Knight, Alchemist, Druid and Berserker. Once you have chosen your warrior you may now alter their skin tone, hair and hair colour. And by 'alter' I mean choose one of the three options they give you for each. So it's not so much full visual customisation as it is a casual trip to the salon.

Where you really get to affect your character is when you level up. You have a certain number of points that you can distribute to your characters main attributes giving you the ability customise your characters strengths depending on your own preferred fighting style. If you're a druid type and love that voodoo that you do, you'd want to give a lot of points to your 'intelligence', if you prefer to charge blindly into battle like Leather Face on P then you'd max out your points on 'strength'.

Levelling up also allows you to unlock more abilities for you character like magic and advanced melee attacks. These abilities are laid out for you in a flow chart format so you need to choose a path to take to get to the abilities you want. Each character class has its own set of skills and spells to explore so there's great replay value.

As well as your character you can also customise your armour and weapons with items you find or buy. Don't think there's a lot of time wasting involved as you search endlessly for rare and valuable artefacts the items in Untold Legends come thick and fast. Every monster you kill seems to have squirreled away some trinket or other treasure. You collect so many items that you soon find your inventory filled to the brim with artefacts that you've horded just in case you need them down the track.

The gameplay of Untold Legends is pretty standard to the genre. You can take this as a plus or a minus as fans of hack-&-slash games will definitely be in their element and get a lot of enjoyment out of it, but there are no revolutionary groundbreaking advancements to be found. The graphics are clean and the world is so big that you could spend days wandering around without ever coming in sight of your mission.

For anyone who enjoys RPG games Untold Legends is a must, it covers all the bases for what you need in a good action game. This is just the beginning for RPGs on this platform and with Untold Legends as the opening act we'll all be waiting with bated breath to see what follows..

"Not at all legendary but still worth the purchase."
- Untold Legends
Follow Own it? Rating: PG   Difficulty: Easy   Learning Curve: 5 Min


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