Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC

It's tough reviewing a piece of downloadable content (DLC) like Harley Quinn’s Revenge, because it doesn’t add anything to the original game. It's like taking any random two hours portion from Arkham City and having to review it on its own. You fight the same thugs, have the same stealth sections, and walk through the same kind of environments you’ve already seen and played through for many hours (assuming you finished the main game). Sure, there’s a new story (that takes place after the events of the Arkham City - do not play it without finishing the main story, unless you don’t mind spoilers!), but it’s not that interesting.

Batman gets captured by Harley Quinn (who isn’t a very strong villain on her own; at least not here) and it’s up to Robin to go in to find out what happened and save him. While you do play as Batman through some of it, this is without a doubt Robin’s adventure.

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For the most part, Robin is basically a reskin for Batman, although there are some gameplay differences; he has a staff and shield to fight with, for example. For the most part, I found Robin to feel a little slower than Batman during fights, and his combat animations do not seem to be as interesting or fun to watch. It's a pity, because I believe Robin, used similarly to the Catwoman DLC, could have been a nice change of pace from Batman. However, in Harley Quinn’s Revenge, Robin is the pace and Batman is the change. This might be fine for some, but personally I bought a Batman game so that I could be Batman most of the time. Silly me.

At two to three hours in length and with a few odd difficulty spikes, it feels odd for this DLC to be coming out seven months after the game's initial release. It doesn’t even hint out what another sequel might have in store for us. Other than Batman being more depressed and rude than usual due to (spoiler warning) his BFF, The Joker, dying, there is no sign of what direction the future of the franchise may go in.

If you want more Batman: Arkham City gameplay but without the story, go play a challenge room. If you want a bit more story, then I suppose this DLC can extend the experience a bit for you. It’s still got the same great gameplay if that’s what you want. Personally, after I finished the main game, I never went back to finish all the sidequests. It was a good adventure while it lasted but once I was out of Arkham City, I had no desire to go back there and this DLC does not change that.

Batman: Arkham City
"Robin flies into his own adventure to rescue Batman"
- Batman: Arkham City
Follow Own it? Rating: M   Difficulty: Medium   Learning Curve: 15 Min


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Posted by gooseman77
On Friday 29 Jun 2012 10:01 AM
Got through it in just over an hour and was thoroughly disappointed. Much like the Catwoman DLC, it feels like it should have been part of the game as a whole but as you say, it is a Batman game so perhaps playing as the other characters didn't fit their model for the original release and thus the other characters fit better as DLC.
DLC should enhance the overall experience. I feel Harley Quinn’s Revenge was a bit limp in that respect.
On a side note, even though extra character skins are a bit pointless, I would love to see a Lego Batman skin for Arkham Asylum.