Kinect Sports: Season 2 Midnight Mountain Ski DLC

There's good news for those who scored Kinect Sports Season 2 at Christmas, as Microsoft have just released some frosty new downloadable content to ensure people continue to look like idiots in their lounge this Summer.

When we reviewed Kinect Sports Season 2 late last year, we found that the skiing component was one of the highlights of the game. The simple controls of leaning and tilting, combined with the fast, action-packed racing gameplay, provided some memorable moments. It also felt like the least ‘forced’ of the sports on offer and proved to be a popular choice for newbs (or anyone with a sense of pride).

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A recently released downloadable pack for Kinect Sports Season 2 expands the skiing gameplay by offering three new night-time slopes, or tracks. The first track, titled ‘Backwoods Blast’, tests your reflexes and concentration with narrow passages, twists and turns, and sudden bursts of speed thanks to numerous steep drops. The second, ‘Pitch Black’, is for adrenaline junkies thanks to epic jumps and death defying terrain. And finally, ‘After Hours’ presents you with a basic sprint track, where a simple but extremely fast paced slalom race is perfect for speed fanatics.

It’s important to note that this DLC adds nothing new in terms of the gameplay. In a similar vein to the previous Kinect Sports Season 2 content for the golf component, this Midnight Mountain Ski Pack just adds new maps or tracks to your library. However, each new map has been well thought out and manages to get more juice out of the original game by offering up new challenges. Furthermore, hooning down a mountain in the middle of the night seems to make the original daytime skiing relatively boring by comparison.

Each map can be used across all game modes, including the multiplayer, and they bring with them five new achievements to proudly unlock. Those unsure about spending the 400 Microsoft Points can try the trial version, which allows you to try the ‘Pitch Black’ course free of charge. However it’s safe to say that anyone who gets a kick out of the skiing gameplay in Kinect Sports Season 2 should hop online and download the full pack now.

For those who aren’t keen on hitting the slopes, you can rest assured that Microsoft will be delivering more DLC for Kinect Sports Season 2 in the near future, possibly even as early as February. will be on hand to let you know as soon as it lands.

"Now with Yetis!"
- Kinect Sports: Season 2
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