Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Ready to go back to Fortune City? With Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, you can… but fair warning, you might get a severe case of deja vu. Grab a baseball bat (or a purse, or a pot plant), smash some zombies, then read on to find out why…

Dead Rising 2 put you in the shoes of Chuck Greene, then put those shoes in a zombie-infested mall. The result, much like the first game, was chaotic fun mixed with a few frustrations. The semi-free-roaming action was undoubtedly the highlight: picking up one of a thousand different items and beating zombies with it was simple, gratuitous fun. Unfortunately, a few things — such as an annoying story, an annoying save system, and an annoying timer — sometimes got in the way of that fun.

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Fast forward to October 2011, and Capcom has seen fit to repackage Dead Rising 2 with the star of the original game: photographer Frank West. Now something of a has-been, West relishes the opportunity to uncover more about the zombie plague that just keeps breaking out, while piling up the (previously shambling) corpses along the way.

So what’s actually new here, then? If you’ve played through Dead Rising 2, then I’m afraid Off the Record may disappoint. Dedicated fans of the series might really appreciate being able to snap photos again, or enjoy playing through the story from a different perspective, but most of the changes are only skin deep.

After some introductory cutscenes and the need to stay alive via a drug called Zombrex, you pretty much settle into the same old routine as you did in Dead Rising 2. Again, there’s a clock constantly ticking down. Again, there are survivors to rescue. Again, there are a ton of objects, both useful and useless, with which to smack zombies with. And again, annoying design decisions, such as needing to find a bathroom to save the game, are here to stay.

Still, having a new character to play through the game with is actually pretty cool for a DLC pack. Only, this is a retail release, and will set you back by about $80. This is something of a rip-off: the content here justifies the existence of a $15 downloadable pack, not a whole new game. Capcom, this is what’s known as being greedy [Capcomnomnom - Ed.]

If you really enjoyed blasting through Dead Rising 2, and were keen to do so again, maybe you’ll be satisfied with what’s on offer here. But I find it hard to recommend an expansion pack masquerading as a full release. Newcomers to the series: I recommend finding a cheap copy of DR2. Die-hard fans: if you’re dead set on getting Off the Record, expect familiarity to creep in pretty quickly.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
"Much the same as before."
- Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
Follow Own it? Rating: R16   Difficulty: Medium   Learning Curve: 15 Min


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The Host of Chaos
Posted by The Host of Chaos
On Thursday 20 Oct 2011 6:03 PM
I like this much more than Dead Rising 2, for all the new weapons and combo cards and costumes and especially the sandbox mode, too bad this review mentioned none of the new features. Bit of a half-assed review to be honest.
Posted by procion
On Friday 21 Oct 2011 8:35 PM
The review did right by me. What kind of idiot publisher makes a game that has a timer in it that forces people to actually finish the game, over and over. Capcom must see(or apparantly they do not)the timer is stopping people from actually playing and enjoying the game, yet they bring the timer back. It's a real kill joy and I'm not shelling $80, after paying $200 for the CE to be subjected to that bs again. I lost the trust of my word with a friend whom bought the game on my word pre-release, over recommending future games because of that bloody timer. To me it reeks of Japanese management not understanding western gamers and imposing their rigidity and rules onto a western development team, tramelling them with their idea of a game ethos. Games are supposed to be fun, for the enjoyment of all, it's not a race. It's a game full of fun things to do and make in a well made graphically environment utterly ruined fun wise by a stupid clock. I'm not even going to start on TIR. It's enough to say it makes me sick to play and watch. The epitome of american culture and ideology, wrapped up in a game show. Like I said it's not a race... Or is it? Conform or you die...