The intriguing name is what drew our attention to this one. Anything with a countdown and 'crash' in its title has great potential for fun. For want of a better description, 3-2-1…SuperCrash! is a single player action game, although not exactly in the sense you might expect. The aim of the game is to guide a perpetually moving, buff unicyclist on a road trip of sorts. The highways and byways are littered with obstacles and hazards, including sturdy brick walls with shaped cut-out sections. To avoid rearranging your guy’s facial features (and more importantly, messing up his hair), you must arrange his body position to match the approaching cut-out. It’s a bit like one of those Japanese game shows, and just as funny.

Controls are easy to pick up, and the game itself is simple enough… for the first 30 seconds. After that the speed and difficulty increase at regular intervals, and it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable happens, and you slam into a wall or obstacle. There are two basic modes of play, with several variants and settings to unlock. If the human shape sorting game is not to your liking, you can select the ‘jump and dodge’ option, which does away with the walls and leaves only obstacles to avoid. Another variant regularly flips the screen horizontally or vertically, which adds another element of challenge. Although it’s single player, the games are of short enough duration that you could easily keep a clutch of kids amused, if they took turns.

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The themes include an open highway, a country lane, a snowbound road and a forest, and unique obstacles for each setting. Each course is packed with static objects, such as boulders, crash barriers and livestock. As you progress you’ll also encounter moving obstacles, such as barrels and more boulders - with teeth. Later on there’s even aliens in hovering spacecraft, which says a lot about the overall tone of the game. There’s an abundance of wacky humour throughout, and this is evident in the sound effects and up-tempo music (Cajun, FTW!), as well as the colourful, cartoonish graphics.

We have to query the inclusion of checkpoints, though. Your guy only has one life; if he ends up splattered against a wall you must start the level from scratch… so what’s the point of checkpoints? One other gripe - minor though it may be: throughout the game there are constant reminders that this was originally made for PSP, with messages warning you not to remove the handheld's memory stick at each and every load screen. It doesn’t interfere with game play, but it’s not very professional, either.

Despite this, we had a lot of fun with 3-2-1…SuperCrash!. If you’re looking for short term amusement - something a little off-beat and original, you’ll probably enjoy it too. At $5.90 it’s a genuine bargain, and is one of those games you’ll likely revisit every now and then.

"Easy to pick up, fun to play, original and cheap… ticks all the boxes."
- 3-2-1…SuperCrash!
Follow Own it? Rating: G   Difficulty: Medium   Learning Curve: 5 Min


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Posted by Lifeforce
On Sunday 2 Jan 2011 7:08 PM
I was under the impression that all Minis games have "Do not remove Memory Stick" messages, so that's hardly this game's fault, is it?