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I learnt how to change the side part, go me.... Oh yeah, don't ever switch from playing CoD4 to Burnout Paradise cause switching back to CoD4 was hard, had to get over motion sickness again from the view on Cod4, argh.... I like purple, purple is cool.... Current games I'm playing are: Burnout Paradise & CoD4 and kicking arse on Singstar and I can't even sing (can't wait to kick arse on Rock Band when we get it).... Games I Like: Too many too name as like a whole range of genres, RPGs, Racing, Action, Platform, so my taste varies, e.g. Diablo, Need For Speed Series, Burnout Series, Call Of Duty, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, ummm this list kinda could go on and on so I'll stop now.... Games We Want: Need For Speed - Undercover, CoD 5 or CoD:World At War (depends how pedantic you wanna be), Rock Band or GH:WT (there is still debate over which in this house on what one to get), plus many many more, that's why I've got soo many on my wishlist, cause I want lots, now to marry a millionaire to be able to afford all those games, would also keep the kids out of my hair for months on end, so that would be a bonus.... And yes, I added myself as a friend, cause someone had to add me and I rate myself highly too, so there....