Dance Central 2 Hands On

By: Luke Percy    On: Xbox 360
Published: Wednesday 21 Sep 2011 9:00 AM
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Microsoft attended Tokyo Game Show this year, showcasing what they had to offer to the Japanese market. One of the most anticipated was Dance Central 2, so of course we were curious to check out the sequel to one of the best Kinect games around.

So what’s changed? Certainly the biggest improvement is that you can now dance at the same time with a friend. Dance Central had you standing to one side while your friend had all the fun for that section of the song, but now you both can enjoy showing off your moves while cranking Bananarama.

With added voice recognition support, you can now easily navigate from the Xbox Dashboard, into the game and through the menus. Additionally, in Break it Down mode you can use phrases to select which dance moves you wish to practise more. This is going to be a welcome feature for those who never got the hang of Dance Central’s menu controls.

There’s a ton of new licensed music in Dance Central 2, and it’s also compatible with the original’s track list. If you own the original game there will be a small licensing fee for importing the tracks, much as there was for the Rock Band series. When you combine DC1 and 2 tracks with all the available DLC, there are now over 100 songs in the ecosystem — and happily, all will be available to play in the new multiplayer mode.

Dance Central 2 also has an improved single player mode that puts you inside a more developed narrative. The story places you at the bottom of an underground dance battle competition; you must battle your way to the top and beat the best of the best and become a dancing legend.

I'm not usually one for these types of games — I have 11 tangled left feet when it comes to rhythm — but Dance Central 2 actually looks like a pretty fun party game. Keep an eye out for it later this year.

At a Glance

The Good: We can now play two-player Bananarama at the same time now.

The Bad: No two player Xbox LIVE online.

The Ugly: My overweight body jumping around in 30 degree weather.

"Get your moves on with Dance Central 2."


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