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By: Contributor    On: PlayStation 3
Published: Friday 26 Aug 2011 1:00 PM
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Rayman Origins is looking to bring back what multiplayer gaming used to be about.

Remember when you’d have to get mates around to play Jonah Lomu Rugby or something, sharing controllers instead of talking smack to some guy on the other side of the world?

And remember when platformers were wacky and fun, instead of just “run along this path here, kill a horde of enemies, repeat”?

The very brief time I had with Rayman Origins was enough to have me thinking about the good old days. While I enjoy jumping online and fragging guys from countries I’ll never visit, there was something enjoyable about playing with a mate and trying to figure out the puzzles, and giving each other schtick when we couldn’t.

The game doesn’t require you to have two or more players, but it’s certainly more enjoyable with them.

Controls are just as a platformer’s should be – a button to jump, a button to hit, a button to run faster, direct Rayman with the thumbstick and that’s it. Simple, yet the game is pretty difficult – the four of us couldn’t get past one particular level where a giant pig/crab thing chases you from below, despite spending about 15 minutes on it.. or maybe I’m just not as good at kid’s games as I used to be.

It’s nice to see Rayman’s unique visual style get a slight upgrade for the current-gen consoles, and the musical presentation is superb. Basically, every action you make influences the music in game, and adds to the soundtrack. It’s just another nice element.

Rayman Origins is due to be released in November 2011.

Dylan Moran, 3 News

At a Glance

Pros: Very enjoyable with two or more players.

Cons: The game is actually quite difficult at times.

"Bringing back multiplayer gaming."


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Kegz NZGamer.com VIP VIP Gold
On Friday 26 Aug 2011 6:44 PM Posted by Kegz
Huh... That's a very welcome surprise. Might keep an eye on this.