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In my Californian E3 daze, I accidentally walked into one of the less popular rooms at EA’s booth. It was unlike any of the others. Instead of the smell of male journalist body odour and the sound of gunfire, I found myself surrounded by easily excitable women and a couple of camp looking chaps. Looking up at the screen I realised I was in the room for The Sims 3: Pets demo.
By this stage the door was closed and I was trapped, seated next a rather large lady, dressed entirely in black and wearing a human-sized dog collar. As I sat there, watching a digital cat with the shakes in a room full of “awww’s” and high-pitched giggles, I began to realise something. I could actually end up enjoying this game, if I had my balls removed.

I was pleased to see however, that The Sims 3: Pets isn’t just a quick add-on that adds a bunch of cats and dogs to your virtual neighbourhood. Instead, every single animal in the game becomes a new playable character that not only interacts with your Sims, but has their own life story as well. Personally it was quite fun just running around as a Bull Mastiff defecating on things, digging holes in people’s yards and attacking mailmen.

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Your Sim pets will have a multitude of ‘helpful’ objectives and goals that will improve the quality of both your pet and your Sims around them. Apart from cats and dogs, The Sims 3: Pets will also include an infinite assortment of horses, lizards, turtles, snakes, and birds. And don’t worry, you won’t need to spend 3 hours waiting for a door to be opened. Dogs and cats have somehow all mastered the ability to open doors. Not too sure how snakes manage, but we’ll see closer to the time.

Every pet has their own personality traits for you to customise, such as loyalty, laziness, intelligence, and so fourth. You can even make them hydrophobic, skittish, clueless and aggressive, like my stupid cat, if you want. As Sims fans would expect, you’ll have full control over your pet's appearance too. The game includes a huge assortment of idenitifable preset breeds, each with distinct fur attributes, markings and body types. EA also mentoned fantasy creatures like Tiger Retrievers (half tiger, half Labrador) and Skunk Birmans (half-Skunk, half-exotic cat) being available. Not to mention the sickening number of accessories, hair-cuts, dye jobs, and clothing items that you can buy for your unfortunate pampered pet.

It was around this point that I asked about inter-species breeding. The demonstrator laughed before saying that animals of the same species can breed and you can then take control of their babies. He then showed us a variety of insanely cute kittens and puppies, each one resembling both their parents in a logically genetic manner to a chorus of vile coo’s from the audience. I considered putting my hand up again and asking “how about we get that frisky looking cat and that lizard together and see what happens?” but decided against it.

The other great news for Sims 3 fans is that the Pets edition will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles as well, later this year. The Sims 3: Pets on the Xbox 360 will even include some handy voice activated controls. It makes perfect sense to be able to exclaim “Sit!”, “Roll over!” and “Cook me some eggs!” to your pet (you laugh but your pets can actually make your Sims breakfast now).

As we left the room I was given a human-sized studded dog collar with the trademarked Sims green jewel attached to it. It was at this point that I realised that this was the same collar the woman sitting next to me was wearing and that she must have sat through the demo twice. Keen. But even for a non-Sims 3 fan like myself, I can see that this new Pets edition will certainly cause a stir amongst the Simolean community. Look out for it this October and will be back to bring you more details soon.

+ Sit Boo-Boo sit.
- Woof.
"Now with extra Lassie"
- The Sims 3: Pets
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Posted by houeclipse
On Monday 11 Jul 2011 11:40 PM
awesome, new sim pets!!
Posted by rebolta
On Tuesday 12 Jul 2011 8:33 AM
I have balls and I am buying this. You mean those rubber ones you get from the two dollar shop right???
Posted by mattyj1974
On Thursday 14 Jul 2011 6:37 PM
My daughter would love this.
Posted by Orcmeister
On Monday 18 Jul 2011 8:33 AM
This is #1 on my daughter's xmas wish list. Top of my xmas wishlist are the earplugs I am gonna need for when she repeatedly says "cuuuuuute".
Posted by rebolta
On Monday 18 Jul 2011 6:47 PM
Wow I am so over being hated on . Lucky I just realised I can favour my own comments. Fair enough. This new points system is lame. Give my old ones back!!!!!