Brutal Legend: Hands On

Tristan caught up with Brutal Legend at E3, and confirmed what we had all hoped: that it would be a fantastic, apocalyptic, bloodthirsty and ultimatley silly-as-hell action game. Wow! The developers haven't disappointed a bit. I've had my chance to tool around with the game, so here's my (very brief impressions).

It's great to get a game sometimes that really requires nothing more of you than slamming on a button and making demons explode. In Brutal Legend, you get to do just that. Whether by musical axe or the much more old-fashioned battle-kind, you will rend your way through the bodies of bad-guys and badder-girls on your quest.

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Eddie Riggs is a roadie trapped in a nightmare, and without getting into all the backstory which has been previewed and handsed-onned before, let's just say that he's got to battle his way back out of it. Eddie is voiced by Jack Black and the dialogue is infused with his impeccable timing and off-beat sense of humour. Yeah, maybe it leans toward hamminess somtimes, but ultimately it's a solid effort.

The world is hellishly done, with more skulls than you can shake a stick at, brimstone, oh yeah - flames. It's like Owen Wilson says in Armageddon - "...scariest environment imaginable." But Eddie isn't sitting around crying about it and neither should you. Neither should I. So I didn't.

The demo on offer here at GCA was the opening sequence and some gameplay from the first chapters of the title. God-mode has been left on (that is to say, I got stabbed a lot and didn't die) to make it easy for us press types to pick it up and run with it.

The first thing Eddie needs to do is grab a weapon, because the robed spawn of the netherworld have theirs and they're pointy as. Running down onto a wide platform to grab my axe, I was able to see that the first spaces are quite limited in their scope, but that means the enemies clustered and laid themselves open to my Axe Hold move - press square, don't let go, watch the bodies explode.

Your second axe is a guitar that shoots lightning, just as Tristan reported, and can also be used to perform an Earth Shaker move - X plus square and whatever is up above comes crashing down, crushing your foes or at least stunning them so you can follow up with a killer blow.

I left off right as Eddie had met up with his female companion and was heading to pick up some wheels. What I experienced makes me hungry for the real thing and I hope you will all join me in getting excited. Tristan, for his part, was there months ago.

Another quality title on show here at GCA 2009. More from the show floor as it develops!

Brütal Legend
+ Zero thought required
- The queue of people behind me waiting to play
"If busting heads is too complicated, just chop them off"
- Brütal Legend
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Comments Comments (4)

Posted by RealmEnder
On Sunday 20 Sep 2009 9:53 AM
Consider me excited! Not sure if I'll find the off-beat sense of humuor of the game funny, but I'll definitely try out the demo.
Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Sunday 20 Sep 2009 7:15 PM
Would play the demo before id judge it properly but really from first impressions it does seem lame?
Posted by BaldBish
On Tuesday 22 Sep 2009 4:28 PM
Nothing says "lets go killin" like a giant axe!
Posted by tom_nz
On Saturday 26 Sep 2009 12:00 PM
Jack Black is the man. Just watched a video of him talking about it. It was good. But with all the awesome as games coming out around when that does, how could I justify buying that over something I know I'll love? Like Forza 3 or the new cod. Decisions, decisions.