The Sims 3 Impressions

We managed to infiltrate a secret behind closed doors showing of Sims 3 at this year’s GCA event in Singapore. Well, we were invited, but it sounds better if we pretend to be sneaky ninjas. Even if pirates are better.

Anyway…we saw a work in progress build that gave us a good idea of what to expect for the latest in this super popular franchise. The key thing that got across was seamlessness – you can move from your own house to your neighbourhood to the centre of town without any separation, which on its own makes Sims 3 worth watching.

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The demo showed two flat mates at a dinner party. One was a wannabe politician, while the other wanted a career in the army. The former was into schmoozing, and the latter wasn’t. This caused some tension when the politician felt the need to chat up the guests with an inspirational speech – while he came away happy, the army guy was kind of annoyed.

Come day break, and the two wandered into town. The politician went to City Hall to continue working, while his flat mate started protesting outside, eventually drawing in other sims to help him out. Finally, the politician accepted an offer to launder some money, was promptly fired, and then got invited by the mob into the criminal underworld.

So yes, it’s another typical day in the world of the Sims. But there are a few key features that make this one special, and feel like a true sequel.

The way sims display their needs and desires – and how they are portrayed within the game – has been given an overhaul. I’m not enough of a Sims fan to know in detail what’s come before, but the new system appears much more cohesive and sensible. You’ll be able to compile a bunch of mini-traits within each sim, which are selectable depending on the more major paths you choose to set them down. So you could make your sim a neurotic kleptomaniac, for example, and sit back and watch them live a rather odd life. It seemed like a promising way to inject a further degree or personalisation into the game.

The character creator – and indeed all of the editing tools – has also been significantly bumped up. The amount of customisation available to you is staggering – you can truly make digital versions of yourself, your friends, and any famous people you might want to live next to. The clothing options are similarly flexible, as are the furniture and housing decorations. If you wanted, you could have an entire house with camouflage patterns, and a suit to match.

And as mentioned above, the game world is seamless. This results in everything happening more dynamically, and you’ll feel much more like part of an integrated world, rather than sending your sim off to work, or flicking to separate screens for different areas. This is one of the big things that will get fans all excited.

The game is coming out in the first half of 2009, so until then keep locking your older, less pretty sims in the attic and letting them starve to death.

The Sims 3
+ Seamless gameplay; overhauled desire system.
- Will veteran Sims players need to upgrade their computer?
"Shaping up to be a true sequel."
- The Sims 3
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Comments Comments (8)

Posted by Bunnny
On Saturday 27 Sep 2008 11:06 PM
Sounds good, I wonder what the specs for needed will be though
Posted by BlackRetina
On Sunday 28 Sep 2008 12:09 PM
Sims typically needs a sizable amount of Ram and a fair bit of CPU power.
Grunt of God
Posted by Grunt of God
On Tuesday 30 Sep 2008 2:34 PM
Ninjas are SO better than Pirates
Posted by TheDark1
On Thursday 2 Oct 2008 1:31 PM
hmm i hope my laptop will run this haha
Posted by BlackRetina
On Friday 3 Oct 2008 7:18 PM
"Ninjas are SO better than Pirates"
They are both equal in their respective setting

Posted by Oliver
On Tuesday 7 Oct 2008 3:50 PM
I got so sick of The Sims 2 and I didn't even play it a lot. Maybe it's not my type of game, but maybe it was actually just tedious. I will probably try before I buy on this one because The Sims has a lot of work to do to win back my love.
Posted by 5t6y7u8i
On Friday 24 Oct 2008 9:01 AM
i like the sims but the only one i hv is the urbs
Posted by simcharles
On Friday 15 May 2009 9:01 AM
Just preordered baby!!!!!!!!