Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Although Tom Clancy has long gone from the franchise, Ubisoft knows the importance of a recognisable name and the importance of living up to that name. And with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, due for release later this month, they promise to showcase all the features that have made Rainbow Six a leader in the tactical shooter genre.

Originally Rainbow was the blackest of black ops organisations working out of the SAS’s base in England. John Clarke was the head of the organization, and he maneuvered his two multi-nation Rainbow teams around the globe, snuffing out evil with the most extreme prejudice.

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The Rainbow Six franchise has become a benchmark, in terms of detail and accuracy, for the plethora of tactical shooters that continue to hit the shelves. And Rainbow Six: Vegas has taken its place as a favourite on the professional gaming circuit. However, this has come about as the games have shifted somewhat towards conventional gameplay and focused less on teamwork, stealth and tactics.

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 promises to expand on the success of the Rainbow name with a number of added tweaks to keep fans in camo for a while yet. To begin with you will be able to generate your own character to lead the new Rainbow team. Also, Vegas has been greatly enhanced with more destructible objects as well as real time lighting. Many more of the missions now take place outside and the change from day to night requires a shift in gamers’ tactics.

Also we can expect the AI to be significantly improved. In the case of team members this means that they will automatically cover each other as they advance and they will also be able to set up position to lay down suppressing fire. The AI driven team members will also remain during multi-player campaigns, taking orders from the primary player.

The story in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 runs concurrently with that of Rainbow Six: Vegas intertwining with the events of the earlier game. However, Vegas 2 ultimately goes beyond the conclusion of the first game, answering some questions, but as is right in the world of covert operations, leaving plenty of room for intrigue.

The Rainbow Six franchise has been innovative, successful and influential in the world of gaming for a number of years. Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 promises to be no different. And in Vegas terms it looks like they will be raising the stakes for a least one more hand.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
+ More missions out on the Vegas strip.
- Getting beat on the river.
"Once more Rainbow Six is holding pocket aces."
- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2
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