Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

By: Sam Prescott    On: PC
Published: Tuesday 5 Jun 2007 10:00 AM
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How many badass adjectives did they want to pack into the title of this series? A whole bunch. How much trouble are you in if an advanced warfighter is after you? Even more. Be afraid. He’s coming to shoot your brain out through your nostrils from very far away. Again.

Sequels, eh? What do we want? More of the same! When do we want it? As fast as the companies can make it! Alright – I’m not much on rousing chants, but unmusical as it may be, it seems at this point as if it speaks the truth. Pundits around the globe are trumpeting GRAW 2’s ‘more is better’ style, where there’ll be everything the original boasted, and yeah: more. Configuration options, weapons, multiplayer options, freedom. More of all’a’that, AND better control.

The multiplayer feature is where GRAW 2 is tipped to make its mark. What utter joy there is in blasting the faces off anonymous foes from the safety of your leather reclining computer chair that’s all ergonomic and stuff. It makes you feel like a real life hero. The PC version is going to include exclusive maps unavailable to console gamers, and the creators, GRIN (responsible for formulating the game for the PC – a straight port this sure ain’t) promise great things. The options for multiplayer joy are supposed to be many and as this was the most heavily slammed aspect of the original it will be nice to see it re-vamped.

Cross-Com 2.0 is a new feature that will allow players to switch between the POV of their team members after issuing them commands. The action will all be taking place as ‘they’ see it, and although you won’t be able to fire their weapons yourself (no matter how much you may want to in the heat of the battle) it will be an extremely useful option for coordinating your attacks. When it comes down to it, strategy and coordination is what these games are all about, with plenty of hellfire thrown in to satisfy your confusing pre-pubescent urges… for a while.

At a Glance

Pros: A name that sets the enemy’s colon a-quiver and more features than you can shake an assault rifle at.

Cons: Should sequels really just mean the same but bigger?

"Recon is so much easier when you’re a ghost."


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