GT Pro Series

The Wii remote is apparently more than just an exciting and innovative controller; it’s also a Transformer!
GT Pro Series, one of the first racers revving up for Nintendo’s new console, will ship with a special plastic attachment so that not only will you drive using the remote, but the remote will also actually feel like a steering wheel!

For those of you not in the know, GT Pro Series is largely a port from the Gamecube. 2003’s GT Cube was quite popular, bringing Nintendo a racing game that was fun and well balanced (between arcade and simulation), but saw a limited release, and n. Now, updated slightly, and armed with this novel new controller, GT Pro Series is ready to roll out onto Wiis everywhere.

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However, the steering wheel aside, it doesn’t seem like there’s an awful lot to get excited about. It’s a pretty generic racing game otherwise. And in addition, as a port from the current generation Gamecube, it isn’t looking spectacular either. First reports of GT Pro Series aren’t sounding great.

Fortunately, the developers have taken some care with the wheel feature, and allowed for custom calibration of the wheel in terms of how far you have to turn to get a response, and so forth, as well as offering several options for the buttons. This is important, because the steering wheel will likely be the game’s maker or its breaker.

This one could go either way, so I’d highly recommend checking back for our review once GT Pro Series rounds the corner into NZ on December 7.

+ Building your own steering ‘Wiile’
- The actual game itself sounds uninspiring.
"A generic racer, but with an exciting controller modification."
- GT Pro Series
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