Eragon is based on the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox feature film inspired by Christopher Paolini's best-selling fantasy novel. The adventure centers on a young farm boy named Eragon whose destiny is revealed with the help of a dragon. Eragon, now a Dragon Rider, is swept into a world of magic and power, discovering that he alone has the power to save – or destroy – an Empire. The game will feature the voice and likenesses of Edward Speleers, Sienna Guillory, Garrett Hedlund and Robert Carlyle from the movie.

"Christopher Paolini's amazing fantasy worlds, characters and adventures portrayed in Eragon offer fans of the genre an opportunity to step into Eragon's world and live out the dragon rider legacy," said Bruce Hack, CEO of VU Games. "Eragon is sure to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2006 and we are excited to bring this rich story to gamers worldwide."

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Elie Dekel, Executive Vice President Licensing & Merchandising for 20th Century Fox added, "VU Games has done a wonderful job adapting many of our top films to the interactive format. Eragon has proven to be the best example to date of what can happen when true collaboration comes to fruition. Movie-goers are going to be hugely impressed with the film, and gamers will be blown away by this state-of-the-art video game."

With an Xbox 360 demo now available on the Xbox Live marketplace, players can get a taste of the upcoming adventure with an early level that has Eragon and Brom journeying to the village of Darret.

On the console versions of Eragon, fans will also be able to share the adventure, with two player co-op featuring team attack bonuses and dragon fight/flight combo gameplay.

Eragon will be available in New Zealand on the 23rd of November for the PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and PC. Eragon the movie will be showing in NZ cinemas from the 14th of December.

+ More fantasy goodness to get wrapped up in.
- Might need to see the movie first...
"A game based on a movie based on a book."
- Eragon
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