Neither NBA 2K6 nor NBA Live 06 were able to meet peoples' high expectations when they came out during the Xbox 360's launch last November. Live had sharp graphics and snazzy presentation but not much in the way of substance, while 2K6 was a prettier, slightly enhanced version of what had been released on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 a few months earlier. Needless to say, the race for the number one Basketball game is on, and NBA 2K7 is keen on taking the crown.

NBA 2K7 features a large number of gameplay modes. Quick play, 24/7, season, the association, tournaments, and a robust online component will give the game tremendous replay value. There are also a number of options and sliders that let you alter the game style and the AI as you see fit.

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The association is NBA 2K7's multi-season mode, and it's deeper than ever. You're placed in charge of an NBA franchise and it's your job to hire coaches, set up practices, perform general manager duties, and play the games; or if you feel the need you can always just simulate them.

However the online mode has been revamped this year and improved. NBA 2K7 features an online fantasy draft with up to 30 players, enabling every team to be controlled by a gamer in the league. Then, just like any fantasy draft, you go through the selection process and can play an online season anywhere from 8-82 games in length. And thanks to special admin powers, if someone doesn't show for a game, that game can be simulated so the league isn't held up, and if someone makes a habit out of abandoning games, the admin can boot them out and replace the team owner with someone more responsible.

Available on the original Xbox, the 360, PS2 and, when it releases, the PS3, this game is out on November 10. We’ll be sure to keep bringing you the latest previews, reviews and news right here at NZGamer.

+ Individually modelled shots make this game a unique experience
- New free throw controls could be hard to execute
"NBA 2K7 is keen on taking the basketball crown."
- NBA 2K7
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