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Rugby League Sequel At Armageddon

A Kiwi-made exclusive heads the videogame lineup at this year's Armageddon Pop Culture Expo in Wellington.Rugby League 2, developed by Sidhe..
Friday 1 Apr 2005 12:58pm | PS2 | PC

Brotown Game Announced (April Fools)

Game Entertainment Ltd (GEP) announced today the development of Brotown for PS2 and Xbox. The game follows on from the highly successful season..
Friday 1 Apr 2005 9:59am | PS2 | Xbox

Halo 2 Maps Due In July

Microsoft Game Studios has announced a July release date for the highly anticipated Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack. Though Xbox players will be..
Wednesday 30 Mar 2005 4:40pm | Xbox

Gamefreaks March Issue Out Now!

The March issue of Gamefreaks is out now! Issue forty of New Zealand�s most popular free videogame magazine is packed with the..
Tuesday 29 Mar 2005 3:10pm | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | Wii | PC | PSP | DS | Xbox | GCN | GBA | Next Gen | HH

Sony PSP Launched in the U.S.

Sony has just launched it's new handheld gaming device, the PSP throughout America. Once the clock struck midnight the Sony Metreon center had..
Tuesday 29 Mar 2005 1:57pm | PSP

New Halo 2 Multiplayer Maps!

The floodgates have burst; Bungie and Microsoft have spilled the beans on new Halo 2 content. This latest news confirms the rumours started..
Tuesday 29 Mar 2005 1:15pm | Xbox

Tony Hawk Goes Underground on PSP

Tony Hawks Underground 2 Remix has been announced for the PlayStation Portable and it's not just another port. Click for details on new game..
Thursday 17 Mar 2005 10:45pm | PSP

Metal Gear Solid 3 Is Here!

The eagerly anticipated Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater hit New Zealand shop shelves today (as in our weekly release update). So far we have..
Thursday 17 Mar 2005 10:35pm | PS2 | PS3

New Square Enix Mobile Games

Square Enix and Verizon Wireless, have announced that they will be working together on two new mobile phone games. One is a spin-off of a FF IV..
Thursday 17 Mar 2005 12:00am | PS2

North American PSP Launch Titles

Sony announced today their first party launch software for the North American release of their new portable console the PSP. List of games..
Tuesday 15 Mar 2005 10:38pm | PSP

Sony Announce New F1 Titles

Sony has announced their new Formula One games today; Formula One 05 for the PlayStation 2 and F1 Grand Prix for the PSP. Click on in to read..
Tuesday 15 Mar 2005 4:49pm | PS2 | PSP

What's New This Week?

Your wallets are probably still recovering from last weeks releases so it gives me great pleasure to give you some good news... Another..
Monday 14 Mar 2005 8:47pm | PS2 | PC | DS | Xbox

Hey Chief, Who's The Master?

Prepare for the ultimate cyber battle! Players from throughout the North and South Islands are soon to clash in the mighty epic to find New..
Monday 14 Mar 2005 8:25pm | Xbox

Atari Team Up With Spark Unlimited

Atari announced today that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Spark Unlimited for worldwide publishing rights across all media to..
Monday 14 Mar 2005 11:48am | PC

3D Graphics Engine to be Used in Civ IV

NDL's Gamebryo 3D graphics engine and toolkit is being used by Firaxis Games in the creation of Sid Meier's Civilization IV. Firaxis is..
Friday 11 Mar 2005 10:14pm | PC

Fable: The Lost Chapters Coming to PC

Fable: The Lost Chapters is currently in development for Windows and is expected to reach store shelves this fall. It will feature a host of..
Friday 11 Mar 2005 10:09pm | PC

Nintendo at GDC 2005

Thousands of video game developers today heard Nintendo President Satoru Iwata outline the company's bold vision for the future. Iwata made..
Friday 11 Mar 2005 9:31pm | Wii | DS | GCN

2nd Zelda Trailer Released!

One of NZGamer's most anticipated game of '05 has released new screenshots and a trailer. The game tentatively named Legend of Zelda,..
Friday 11 Mar 2005 12:07pm | GCN

SEGA Announces Takeover

SEGA Europe has today officially acquired The Creative Assembly, the highly successful UK and Australian-based development team founded in..
Thursday 10 Mar 2005 11:24pm | PS2 | Xbox | GCN

GT4 Breaks Records

Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated racing game Gran Turismo 4, available throughout New..
Thursday 10 Mar 2005 7:19pm | PS2

MS Reveals First Details of Next-Xbox

Today at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC), Microsoft Corp. announced the first details of its next-generation Xbox video game system..
Thursday 10 Mar 2005 10:56am | 360 | Xbox

Sammy Studios Internal Buyout

Sammy Studios today announced that it has completed a management buyout from parent company Sammy Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. The private..
Wednesday 9 Mar 2005 6:04pm | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | Wii | PC | PSP | DS | Xbox | GCN | GBA | Next Gen | HH

Brothers In Arms Goes Gold

Ubisoft and developer Gearbox Software announced today that Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 has officially gone gold for the PS2, Xbox and..
Wednesday 9 Mar 2005 11:30am | PS2 | PC | Xbox

Wanda Becomes Shadow

Wanda and Colossus, the next game from the ICO team is getting a new name for its European release (that's us folks!). Here the game will be..
Wednesday 9 Mar 2005 12:02am | PS2

Microsoft Tackles Gaming Development

Today at the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft Corp. announced new XNA software that will enable enhanced collaboration between content..
Tuesday 8 Mar 2005 8:33pm | PC | Xbox

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