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Splinter Cell For Nintendo DS Goes Gold

Today Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory for the Nintendo DS has gone gold and will be in stores June 28. For the..
Monday 6 Jun 2005 10:30pm | PS2 | PC | DS | Xbox | GCN

Conker: Live And Reloaded Goes Gold

Console gamings most notorious squirrel is almost ready to make his next appearance on Xbox, as Microsoft Game Studios announced today that..
Monday 6 Jun 2005 8:23pm | Xbox

Ricky Ponting Coming To PC

Codemasters has today confirmed that they are bringing their upcoming title, 'Ricky Ponting International Cricket' over to PC to join it with..
Monday 6 Jun 2005 8:00pm | PS2 | PC | Xbox

What's New This Week?

It'll have been 225 days since it smashed records all over the show on the PS2.... But this Friday the game every Xbox and PC fan has been..
Monday 6 Jun 2005 7:20pm | PS2 | PC | DS | Xbox | GCN | GBA

JoWooD Secure Voices for SG1 Game

JoWooD Productions are pleased to announce that they have secured the vocal talents from the original team of the long running TV series..
Saturday 4 Jun 2005 2:47pm | PS2 | PC | Xbox

New Black & White 2 Q&A

The Black&White 2 team answers more questions from the community. These are answers to the most frequently asked questions the team recently..
Saturday 4 Jun 2005 9:59am | PC

90 Million PS 2's Shipped Worldwide

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that the cumulative production shipment of PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system had reached..
Saturday 4 Jun 2005 9:43am | PS2

Porn for your PSP?

Those crazy Japanese are at it again... Adult movies in the PSP-friendly Universal Media Disc format will be released in Japan later this year...
Friday 3 Jun 2005 11:01am | PSP

The Worms Return

The worms are coming back with a bang, crash, splat, and kaboom thanks to an awesome armoury of new weapons crammed into Worms 4: Mayhem,..
Friday 3 Jun 2005 8:21am | PS2 | PC | Xbox

Ghost in the Shell Jacking the PSP

Bandai Games Inc. today announced "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" for PlayStation Portable handheld entertainment system from Sony..
Thursday 2 Jun 2005 9:02pm | PS2 | PSP

Battlefield 2 Is Gold

EA has confirmed that its much-anticipated modern-military shooter has been ordered to the factory and should ship towards the end of June...
Thursday 2 Jun 2005 11:43am | PC

Tamagotchi Coming to Mobile Phones

Bandai America Inc., known for such brands as Power Rangers, Teen Titans and Strawberry Shortcake, has announced the development of one of its..
Thursday 2 Jun 2005 11:37am

Fonix Voice Recognition In Xbox 360

Fonix Speech, an operating division of Fonix Corporation, an integrated communications carrier providing telecommunications services and..
Thursday 2 Jun 2005 11:18am | 360

Gran Turismo 4 Official Guide On Its Way

You've played the game, now read the book! Piggyback, Europe's leading official guide publisher ships the Gran Turismo 4 official guide this..
Thursday 2 Jun 2005 7:39am | PS2

Nvidia GeForce 7800 Details Emerge

It seems that the next-generation graphics processor from NVIDIA has been spotted at the Computex trade show. The 7800 series is expected to be..
Wednesday 1 Jun 2005 10:05pm

100 Million Pokemon Shipped Worldwide

The Pokemon series has hit a new milestone of 100 million cumulative worldwide unit shipments, Nintendo announced in its latest investor..
Wednesday 1 Jun 2005 7:38pm | GBA | 1

MOH: European Assault Goes Gold

Console owners will soon get another World War II game to add to their arsenal. Electronic Arts announced late today that Medal of Honor:..
Wednesday 1 Jun 2005 10:12am | PS2 | PC | Xbox

Revolution Held Off Till 2007?

Nintendo are set to keep fans waiting again in the PAL territories. Speaking in a British Trade magazine, an anonymous informer from Nintendo..
Wednesday 1 Jun 2005 9:47am | Wii

Bet On Solidier FSK Released

With the release of the revolutionary shooter Bet of Soldier looming on the horizon, Digital Jesters have decided to let the growing throng of..
Wednesday 1 Jun 2005 7:33am | PC

KOEI Goes 3 for PS3

During E3, Koei showed a trailer for Ni-Oh, one of the first PlayStation 3 games. But it seems that Koei is working on a few more titles for..
Monday 30 May 2005 10:16pm | PS3

What's New This Week?

Slow going this week with only five new titles to speak of. To make matters worse, two of those titles are delays from last week! The little..
Monday 30 May 2005 7:28pm | PS2 | PC | DS | Xbox

Buena Vista Games Grabs Turok

Buena Vista Games, Inc., the interactive entertainment arm of The Walt Disney Company, announced today that Classic Media, Inc. has awarded BVG..
Saturday 28 May 2005 9:59am | PC

Activision Acquires Fantastic Studio

Activision has announced that they have acquired developer Beenox. This acquisition expands Activision's sphere of influcence in Canada and..
Friday 27 May 2005 11:39am

Ex Q*Bert Champ Back For Another Go

She used to play poker and bridge with her 80-year-old girlfriends almost every night. Sometimes until four o'clock in the morning. And, her..
Friday 27 May 2005 11:33am

V8 Supercars 3 Tunes Up

Drawing on over eight years of racing game development expertise, V8 Supercars 3 is set to put you on the circuit for real when it launches..
Friday 27 May 2005 9:04am | PS2 | PC | Xbox

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