Capcom to Address Street Fighter Rage Quitters in April

Capcom to Address Street Fighter Rage Quitters in April

In a post by the official Street Fighter V Twitter account, it looks like developer Capcom will finally be targeting rage quitters in their April update.

Capcom haven’t released any information on how they intend to tackle the issue, but they have promised more details on the horizon.

The developer tried to crack down on rage quitters last month, but their method was clumsy, putting a lot of the responsibility on effected parties – requiring them to upload videos of the offenders in question. The method proved largely ineffective in stopping the broader problem however, as Capcom said that this approach was “only targeting the worst offenders in [their] system.”

Street Fighter V’s latest update came in March, which delivered the online store, challenge mode, 8-player lobbies, and a time-limited look at the upcoming DLC character Alex.

Source: Polygon


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Posted by Bank
On Thursday 14 Apr 2016 1:10 PM
I call lies.
Posted by SilverStrummer
On Friday 15 Apr 2016 9:00 PM
Get rid of winning streaks. They're doing it in to keep their record from being broken.