Report: Nintendo NX Releasing This Year with Zelda as a Launch Title

Report: Nintendo NX Releasing This Year with Zelda as a Launch Title

A 2016 launch date for Nintendo's new console, codenamed Nintendo NX, has long been the subject of rumours. Those rumours are looking more reliable now, thanks to a report from a "verified source" within Nintendo.

Last week, NeoGAF user Trevelyan9999 shared a list of 2016 Nintendo releases, citing a US marketing budget and schedule overview shared by a "verified source from Nintendo." Among this list was a Holiday 2016 release window for Nintendo NX, as well as the new The Legend of Zelda game, which is allegedly going to be available for both Wii U and NX.

While anonymous sources are always suspect, a NeoGAF mod claims to have verified Trevelyan's insider. Furthermore, one of the user's predictions was a 20th Anniversary Pokemon game codenamed "Niji", and on Saturday, the 20th anniversary of the first Pokemon games' Japanese release, Nintendo announced Pokemon Sun and Moon. Until recently, logo images for the games shared on the official Pokemon website and in press releases had file names making a reference to Niji, as pointed out by Kotaku.

Nintendo are yet to formally announce Nintendo NX, though it's existence was confirmed by the late Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata early last year. The company are planning to unveil the console at some point this year.


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Posted by jmduknz
On Monday 29 Feb 2016 8:54 AM
Fingers crossed. Been waiting to jump back into nintendo's library for a while. Really hope the rumours about a hybrid portable/console hold true.
Posted by Bunnny
On Monday 29 Feb 2016 10:28 AM
Cautiously optimistic....

Hopefully the fix the woeful online thats plauged Nintendo
Posted by guido
On Tuesday 1 Mar 2016 8:56 AM
Not liking another cross gen Zelda release Nintendo!? :-/ I much prefer Zelda to play to all the strengths of the current system and not be some cross gen "gamecube game with waggle support" style of release! How can it be a strong seller / launch title for the new console if it's also available on the current gen system?? /rant