New Hack Modules and Multiplayer Mode for Doom Revealed

New Hack Modules and Multiplayer Mode for Doom Revealed

Ahead of it's release in just a few short months, Bethesda and id Software have revealed a few new additions to Doom's multiplayer: Hack Modules, and Warpath mode.

Warpath is Doom's take on king-of-the-hill - the big change being that the capture point moves along a clearly defined circle around the map, meanwhile, a demon rune will move on the opposite side of the circle. This creates a choice for players; either fight for control of the capture point, or race to the power-up, and become a Marine-destroying Demon.

The Hack Modules on the other hand are single-use, disposable, environmental awareness items that are earned though the game's progression system - the more you play, the more modules you'll receive. Their powers have a limited time, and pause when you die, allowing you to use the remaining time, or switch to another module when you come back.

Hack Modules Mentioned in the post include:

  • Supply Timer - that tells you what the respawn time is on pickups
  • Retribution - which informs you of the location, and health of the player who killed you last.
  • Scout - location of all enemies for a few seconds after you spawn in
  • Vital Signs - health bars over enemies’ heads
  • Power Seeker - location of nearby power-ups

DOOM is scheduled to release on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 on the 13th of May.


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