Final Fantasy's Lightning in Louis Vuitton Interview

Final Fantasy's Lightning in Louis Vuitton Interview

Lightning, heroine from the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy and recent virtual model for French fashion label Louis Vuitton, held a Q&A with The Telegraph this week.

No, not the voice actor for Lighting. The character herself.

In the interview, the fashionably stoic protagonist was asked about her upcoming projects, to which she responded that she’s “currently winding down after a long journey,” perhaps a reference to her trilogy that wrapped up in 2013. The final game, Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy 13, was just released for PC last December.

Lightning then went on to say that she sometimes gets “the urge to put [her] life on the line again and test [her] limits.”

“One day, not so far in the future, I will be out there again, in a world of strife,” she continued. “But I won’t be the same person I was before. I will return to my origins, like a Mobius strip, but it’ll be a new me, one who has evolved. I look forward to the day we meet again.”

Fans are speculating that her choice of words, specifically “Mobius” and “strife” could be a nod to two up-and-coming Final Fantasy games, the episodic Mobius Final Fantasy for phones, and the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

The last video game appearance Lightning made was as a playable character in the Team Ninja developed Dissidia Final Fantasy, an arcade fighter that hit last year.

Source: Polygon


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