Speedrunners Raise $1.2 Million for Charity

Speedrunners Raise $1.2 Million for Charity

Awesome Games Done Quick, the annual video game speedrunning event that recently just wrapped up, generated $1.2 million USD in donations. The organisers announced that the money is going towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The streams started up on January 3, and ran until January 10. The money going to charity is expected to rise further still, as donations are still being accepted on the official Awesome Games Done Quick website.

For the uninitiated, speedrunning is the process of completing a game as quickly as possible. Often this involves exploiting systems or bugs in the game, like utilising a character’s specific animations to cover distances quicker than normal, or moving through the geometry of the world in unintended ways.

The organisers announced that their next event is to take place from July 3-9. Their previous event in 2015, Summer Games Done Quick, raised $1.2 million USD for Doctors Without Borders.

Source: GameSpot


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Posted by Paorio
On Tuesday 12 Jan 2016 4:33 PM
Was so fun to watch
Posted by ALK3MiST
On Wednesday 13 Jan 2016 12:31 PM
Thats awesome, nice job.