Kiwi-made Puzzle Game Milton's Tale Out Now for Mobile

Kiwi-made Puzzle Game Milton's Tale Out Now for Mobile

Milton's Tale, a physics-based puzzle game created by Hamilton developer Jeremy and Friends, is now available on Android and iOS.

The game follows Milton, a happy-go-lucky bookworm whose fiance is kidnapped by evil fireflies and taken to a pop-book castle on a high, inaccessible shelf in Milton's library. In order to reach her, he'll need rubber bands to create a stationery catapult. 

This is where you come in. Each level has a series of obstacles, and players need to guide a rubber band ball from its delivery crate to Milton by strategically placing blobs of paint on the papercraft levels. Different pieces of stationery and other obstacles are gradually introduced, like staplers that launch the ball high into the air. A three-star system makes the game both accessible and challenging - completing each level is relatively easy, but getting a perfect completion (the requirements of which vary from level to level) offers a higher level of challenge. 

“We wanted the game to look different from other games” said Jeremy Bell, the game’s lead designer. “We were browsing the local art supply store looking for inspiration when we picked up a book on papercraft and knew we had found our design direction. We have also been heavily influenced by papercraft artists, Eiko Ojala and Alexis Facca.”

The first chapter, comprising 25 levels, is available for free, while three additional chapters cost NZD $1.29 each. Alternatively, players can unlock chapters by sharing the game with a friend using a referral code. Milton's Tale can be downloaded from Google Play or the iOS App Store.


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