Destiny's Story was 'Substantially Revised' Before Release

Destiny's Story was 'Substantially Revised' Before Release

Court documents pertaining to Marty O'Donnell's lawsuit against Destiny developer Bungie have revealed that the game underwent "significant" revisions to its narrative prior to the originally planned September 2013 release date, which is one of the reasons the game was delayed.

The bulk of the document, released by VentureBeat, is focused on O'Donnell's claims that he was "fired without cause", and Bungie's allegations that O'Donnell breached copyright by sharing music from Destiny. However, among the factual background for the case is the following statement:

Although Destiny was planned for release in September 2013, the story was substantially revised beginning August 2013, requiring a new release date of March 2014 and edits to much of the work previously completed. After a brief vacation/sabbatical in early fall, O'Donnell returned, worked on the story and recorded dialogue, but wrote no additional music. His supervisor and the audio team did not consider him to be fully engaged in the work of Audio Director. For reasons unrelated to O'Donnell's performance, the release date was again moved, to September 2014.

When Destiny did release in 2014, reception was mostly positive, though its story was a common point of criticism.

As for the lawsuit itself, the Revised Final Award orders Bungie to issue O'Donnell 192,188 shares of Bungie common stock, as well as making an initial payment of $142,500 USD, with two more payments due in 2016 and 2017. O'Donnell, meanwhile, is prevented from sharing or performing any part of Destiny's soundtrack without Bungie's permission.


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Posted by ModifiedSoul
On Tuesday 8 Sep 2015 11:18 AM
woah, that turned sour didnt it, wonder what the story would have been had they have included one in the game
Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Tuesday 8 Sep 2015 1:48 PM
I dont have time to explain why I dont have time to explain the lack of any story.