Destiny's King's Fall Raid Goes Live Four Days After Taken King's Launch

Destiny's King's Fall Raid Goes Live Four Days After Taken King's Launch

Earlier this week, Bungie revealed that the next raid for Destiny, called King's Fall, wouldn't be available at the launch of The Taken King. Fans looking to dive into the raid won't have to wait too long, though, with the developer now confirming a September 19 launch date for King's Fall, just four days after The Taken King itself comes out.

Bungie announced the date during a livestream hosted on Twitch last night, which focused on content in the new Dreadnaught area - in particular, the Court of Oryx, an arena that lets players start public events by summoning bosses. Here's what Bungie revealed during the stream:

  • Players in the Dreadnaught Patrol can instigate Public Events in the Court of Oryx by presenting Runes to statues

  • The entrance to the Court of Oryx is lined with statues, and a Rune must be presented to one of the statues to start the public event

  • There are three tiers of player summonable public events within the Court of Oryx, with each tier becoming more difficult; the first tier will be on par with a level 36 Strike, the second tier likened to Nightfall difficulty. Bungie has chosen to not reveal the third tier

  • Players will need Antiquated Runes to play the third tier, which can be found as rare drops in the tier 2 Court of Oryx, the Nightfall and the Raid, King’s Fall.

  • Players will need to charge up Runes for each tier by completing three matches of the previous tier; so you’ll need to play three tier one events to charge up a tier two Rune, and three tier two events to charge up a tier three Antiquated Rune

  • All bosses in the Court of Oryx have unique mechanics, and power levels increase as you move up the tiers

  • Win an event and a chest of loot appears; the player who used a Rune to start the event gets the best loot, but your Fireteam are also rewarded with loot

  • Up to six other players can assist your Fireteam in the Court of Oryx, and will also be rewarded with loot if they participate

Destiny: The Taken King is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on September 15.


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