The Witcher 3 Getting New Game Plus Mode

The Witcher 3 Getting New Game Plus Mode

CD Projekt Red have revealed that they will be adding a New Game Plus mode to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, in the last of a series of free add-ons for the game.

The developers made the announcement on Facebook, but didn't go into any specific details:

Already finished The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt multiple times? We’ve got something coming up…
New Game+, the final DLC, is on the way and, of course, it’s completely FREE!
Stay tuned for more info regarding the release. It won’t happen this week though - we need a little bit more time to finish it.

New Game Plus is a mode that's become relatively common, particularly in role-playing games, and lets players start the game again while carrying over some or all of their character(s)' progress from a previous save file. The specifics of what carries over varies from game to game.

This is the last of a series of 16 free DLC packs for The WItcher 3, with others including the likes of new quests, hairstyles, animations, and equipment.


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Posted by Bank
On Tuesday 28 Jul 2015 9:04 AM
Oh man it's finally here. The wait has been very fruitful. I hope they fix the latest frame rate issues. I'm not setting up PC rig yet so I'm choosing the PS4 version purely because I'm getting the Platinum -- but PC version is the only way to go :/
Posted by ninja
On Tuesday 28 Jul 2015 9:07 AM
Sounds pretty good :)
Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Tuesday 28 Jul 2015 9:16 AM
1.07 added some great much needed features, albeit some framerate issues and worsened pop-ins and slower load ins of NPCs.
NG+ sounds good, but will it not just be simply harder than Death March difficulty and you start with all your progress and items previously, and maybe better than mastercrafted Witcher Gear is possible.
Posted by Rocky1986
On Tuesday 28 Jul 2015 8:13 PM
im currently playing the witcher 2 which i got for free on a gog promotion. loving it. cant wait to carry on to this one