Dying Light Devs Poke Fun At Bungie & Red Bull

Dying Light Devs Poke Fun At Bungie & Red Bull

Bungie have teamed up with Red Bull to release exclusive content for Destiny.

Codes for a one time consumable item as well as a new mission are available with special Destiny-inspired cans of Red Bull in the announcement this week. Red Bull's official site includes details for the US only promotion.

In response to this announcement, Dying Light developer Techland have taken to Twitter to parody the partnership. They initially stated "We're jumping on the latest trend in game marketing", accompanied by the hashtag DrinkforDLC. After a great many responses, they tweeted an expansion of their plans, with a tweet reading "Blown away by the reaction! Now we're taking it further. The more you drink, the more you get!"

Techland's campaign has been a success, with their twitter feed currently littered with retweeted images from participants.


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Posted by Paorio
On Saturday 27 Jun 2015 3:59 PM
Awesome! The devs have a sense of humor, i wonder how the destiny guys took it