We Happy Few Takes to Kickstarter in Early June

We Happy Few Takes to Kickstarter in Early June

Contrast developer Compulsion Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign on June 4 for their new game, We Happy Few. 

Compulsion announced We Happy Few in March this year. It's a first-person survival game that takes place in Wellington Wells, a "drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city in an alternative 1960s England" where "downers" who don't conform to a life of drug-induced happiness are harshly dealt with.

"The entire team is currently working hard preparing the Kickstarter, and we are both very excited and nervous about it," Compulsion's Naila Hadjas said. "We received a lot of great feedback and ideas, and we have worked a number of them into our campaign. We also have a couple of surprises that we hope you’ll like… so stayed tuned."

Compulsion also shared their first Weekly Update, in which each member of the development team talks about what they've been doing in the past week.

"Since we announced We Happy Few, we’ve said that we want to open up our development," the introduction to the post reads. "We want to be able to involve you in WHF’s development, both in terms of playing the game as it develops, and on being able to see what we’re doing on a weekly basis. We really like what Rust is doing (www.playrust.com) for their weekly dev updates, so we’ve decided to try their approach - we’ll post up individually what we’re doing all week. "


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