Destiny's Trials of Osiris PVP Mode Detailed

Destiny's Trials of Osiris PVP Mode Detailed

In a livestream event this morning, Bungie unveiled details on a new weekly player-vs-player (PVP) event being added to Destiny with the next expansion, House of Wolves.

Trials of Osiris pits two teams of three players each against each other in a new game mode, Elimination, With no respawns, the only way to return from death is to be revived by a teammate (or, for Warlocks, to use the Fireborn self-revive ability). Bungie's Derek Carroll described Elimination as "the most intense mode we've made."

The first team to win five rounds wins the match, and rounds are limited to two minutes in length. In the event of a draw, an overtime period will begin and a central capture point will spawn; the first team to claim that point wins.

Participating in the Trials of Osiris requires the purchase of a Passage of Osiris, a scorecard that determines the rewards you get when you turn it in. The more wins you have (up to a maximum of nine per Passage), the greater the prize, but losing three matches in a row will require starting over again with a new Passage. Passage Coins can also be bought, which either forgive the first loss, or make the first win count for two victories.

As well as new gear exclusive to the mode Trials of Osiris, players will be able to get Etheric Light, a new material used to upgrade gear in House of Wolves.

The Trials of Osiris will be open each weekend, running from Friday to Sunday. Players will need to form a fireteam themselves as matchmaking won't be available. "We'll find you enemies, but we're not gonna fund you friends," said Carroll.

Destiny's House of Wolves expansion launches on May 19 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStationm 4, and PlayStation 3.

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Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Thursday 30 Apr 2015 6:54 PM
Hopefully good players will be playing this each weekend and it might free up scrubs like me to play the normal Crucible and not get decimated lol
Posted by ReaperCrew
On Friday 1 May 2015 8:20 AM
Hopefully there is an incentive for teams not to quit early when loosing and no penalty for being dropped.
Posted by birdman
On Sunday 3 May 2015 9:15 AM
Hoping that the proposed connection quality filtering works. Iron Banner is a nightmare after about 11pm NZ time with lag. Looking forward to ToO, should be a good challenge and the rewards are so pretty - Egyptian warlock? Yes please!