Heroes of the Storm Beta Adds Sylvanas, Team League

Heroes of the Storm Beta Adds Sylvanas, Team League

The closed beta for Blizzard's multiplayer action game Heroes of the Storm received a major update overnight, which adds, among other things, a new hero, battleground, and team-based ranked mode.

Sylvanas Windrunner is a Specialist-type hero, with a selection of ranged abilities and the Black Arrows trait, which lets her basic attacks and abilities stun minions, mercenaries, and towers. Her Possession heroic ability forces an enemy minion to switch to your side with a health and damage boost, while Wailing Arrow shoots an exploding arrow that also silences its target. Sylvanas is available in the in-game store, and in Try Hero mode.

The new battleground, Tomb of the Spider Queen, is a three-lane battleground that's available in all game modes. Enemies killed on this map drop Gems of Power, which can be turned in at the Spider Queen's altars in the centre of the map; once a team deposits enough, the Spider Queen will send a wave of Webreavers to attack the enemy in each lane.

Team League is a new ranked game mode that allows players to form persistent, dedicated teams to compete against each other. Players that are level 40 or higher and own at least 10 heroes can join or create teams, and can be part of up to three teams at a time. Each team can have a maximum of nine players, and a minimum of five are required before a team can join Team League matches. 

As well as these, the patch introduced a range of balance changes, bug fixes, UI improvements, and other tweaks. Full patch notes can be found on Battle.net.

Finally, Blizzard revealed that until 8pm on Monday, March 30, all Heroes of the Storm players will get a 25% experience bonus.


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Posted by darklordfoamy
On Wednesday 25 Mar 2015 4:26 PM
Got a bunch of gold when I logged so have got Sylvanas and really liking her. The ability to lock down towers and creeps is pretty good and her rapid fire arrows oh they've caught some people by surprise. Haven't played the new map yet though but looks interesting.