21 Inch, $500 Garrus Statue Releasing Next Year

21 Inch, $500 Garrus Statue Releasing Next Year

Gaming collectibles manufacturer Gaming Heads will release a limited edition 21 inch (53.34 cm, 1 / 4 scale) statue of Garrus from the Mass Effect series in the first quarter of 2015.

Pre-orders for the statue, which is limited to just 500 units worlwide, are now live, and will set you back just over $500 - US$349.99 (NZ$409.70) for the statue itself, plus US$85.00 (NZ$99.50) for shipping to New Zealand.

"Garrus Vakarian is a military trained turian and initially an investigating officer of C-Sec," explains the product's description. "After growing weary of the constant rules and restrictions of his current position, Garrus moved on to Commander Shepard’s team. Since fighting as a brother in arms with Shepard, Garrus has become a vital member of his squad, helping them in their battle to defeat the Reapers."

Garrus is depicted wearing his trademark armour and carrying Incisor Sniper Rifle from BioWare's role-playing game / shooter series, and each unit has a hand-numbered base and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Buyers can also opt to replace the Incisor with a Phaeston assault rifle.

According to Gaming Heads, this is the first in a line of Mass Effect collectible statues, and buyers will be able to request matching run numbers for future purchases. 


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Posted by piratemonkey
On Monday 26 May 2014 11:39 AM
I'm a pretty big mass effect fan but I don't think I need a 21" garus .. I wish they would release a larger model Normandy.
The existing one is titchy
Posted by jtbthatsme
On Monday 26 May 2014 12:08 PM
I agree that the Normandy statue would probably sell better too....However with only 500 for sale I'm confident they'll all sell even at that price tag as for the size it's not that bad.
Posted by ZombieRawkMachine
On Monday 26 May 2014 1:21 PM
Want Garrus is a totes BA!
Posted by SpawnSeekSlay
On Monday 26 May 2014 9:13 PM
You could buy a PS4 for that and the shipping cost!
Posted by reavers
On Tuesday 27 May 2014 12:46 AM
Damn that's a nice big collectable haha
Posted by piratemonkey
On Tuesday 27 May 2014 8:12 AM
Looks like there are acctually 1500 of the things
1000 "normal" and 500 limited edition

(Limited edition has a fancier gun)