Capcom: Tell Us If You Want God Hand On Steam

Capcom: Tell Us If You Want God Hand On Steam

A representative of publisher Capcom has responded to a user's request for a Steam version of God Hand by suggesting that, if it's something fans want, they should "keep vocalizing it."

"I think title recognition is still relatively low for this game on a mainstream level," Gregaman continued, "but I do personally think it'd be a great grab on Steam, where there's a very savvy (and big) consumer base." Since Gregaman's comments, users of the Twitter social media service have begun expressing their desire for the game with the #godhand tag.

Released in 2006, God Hand was a beat 'em up game for the PlayStation 2 by now-defunct Clover Studio (Viewtiful Joe, Okami.) Directed by Resident Evil designer Shinji Mikami, the game achieved cult status despite receiving mixed reviews (IGN famously scored it just 3 out of 10, stating "God Hand quickly becomes a boring, annoying and frustrating game," before including it in their top 100 PlayStation 2 games list in 2010 - where they stated "God Hand is a seriously good game... once you get past the seriously hideous exterior.")

God Hand is currently available to PlayStation 3 owners via the PlayStation Network, where the game can be downloaded for that system's PlayStation 2 emulator. On PSN, God Hand is priced at $18.95, and is 1.8 GB in size. According to Gregaman, "The [PlayStation 2] version of GOD HAND is already the ultimate edition," suggesting that, were a Steam version to eventuate, it wouldn't vary markedly from the original.


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Syn-Ryn VIP VIP Gold
Posted by Syn-Ryn
On Monday 17 Feb 2014 11:14 AM
Since when did Capcom care about what their fans want?
OriginalSin VIP VIP Silver
Posted by OriginalSin
On Monday 17 Feb 2014 7:42 PM
We kept vocalising about Dragon's Dogma and look where that got us....
Bappernz VIP VIP Bronze
Posted by Bappernz
On Monday 17 Feb 2014 10:30 PM
well if the fans are vocal enough it might just get a steam release