DayZ Reaches 1,000,000 Players

Developed by Kiwi enthusiast Dean "Rocket" Hall, the DayZ mod for niche shooter Arma II has achieved a remarkable milestone overnight: breaking through the 1,000,000 unique player mark.

DayZ drops players onto a massive, free-roaming island, sometime after the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. Not only do you need to fear the zombies themselves, but players who have been successful at surviving and are now armed may well (probably will) pose a threat as well. Death is permanent, your survival is unlikely, and the gameplay is fresh, emergent, and very challenging.

Since the title broke out into mainstream gamer awareness, Arma II has been a regular in Steam's list of top-10 selling games. During the recent Steam Summer Sale, even the bargain-basement prices of other high-profile titles on the service couldn't oust it from the top-5.


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