Releasing This Week (Inversion)

A fairly light week of releases awaits you at your retailer of choice, with Inversion most assuredly the highest-profile of the bunch.

If you like bunches, of course, and have a Vita, you'll also be interested to note the release of a new Super Monkey Ball game for the platform. Just be aware that the game is not officially being released in physical form in New Zealand; if you want it, you'll need to either import or purchase it as a downloadable title from the PlayStation Store.

Finally, for the Sims fans out there, a new Diesel-themed expansion pack is headed to the PC version of The Sims 3.

The details:


PS3InversionThu 12th89.99Follow
X360InversionThu 12th89.99Follow
PCInversionThu 12th69.99Follow
VitaSuper Monkey Ball Banana SplitzFri 13th89.99Follow
PCThe Sims 3Fri 13th49.99Follow


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Posted by Super-Pangolin
On Monday 9 Jul 2012 4:05 PM
Inversion... curious even though it looks kinda average.