Releasing this week (Super Pokémon Rumble)

If you were wondering whether or not the big releases were over for the year, this week clearly answers that question in the affirmative.

While there are a fair number of titles coming out, it's fair to say that most of them will be of limited interest to the audience.

Anything in this list you're looking to pick up? Let us know in the comments!


PS3DreamWorks Super Star KartzWed 7th79.99
X360DreamWorks Super Star KartzWed 7th79.99
WiiDreamWorks Super Star KartzWed 7th79.99
3DSDreamWorks Super Star KartzWed 7th79.99
DSDreamWorks Super Star KartzWed 7th69.99
WiiBen 10: Galactic RacingThu 8th69.99
X360Ben 10: Galactic RacingThu 8th89.99
WiiKaraoke Revolution Glee Volume 3Thu 8th89.99
DSPower Rangers SamuraiThu 8th69.99
WiiPower Rangers SamuraiThu 8th79.99
3DSSuper Pokémon RumbleThu 8th89.99
PS3Happy Feet Two: The VideogameFri 9th129.99
X360Happy Feet Two: The VideogameFri 9th129.99
3DSHappy Feet Two: The VideogameFri 9th99.99
DSHappy Feet Two: The VideogameFri 9th89.99
WiiHappy Feet Two: The VideogameFri 9th89.99
PS3Just Dance 3Fri 9th89.99
X360Puss in BootsFri 9th79.99
3DSTales of the AbyssFri 9th99.99


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Posted by OriginalSin
On Monday 5 Dec 2011 10:43 AM
If I had a 3DS I'd pick up Tales of the Abyss, even though Luke was a tool in Radiant Mythology, how bad could it be.