New Asteroids Game Headed to iOS

Atari are releasing a new version of the asteroid-shooting series that started way back in 1979. Yep, seventy nine. This is about as old school as it's possible to get, without veering into the "deeply unplayable" end of the retro pool (it's still fun to play, even now).

The new game, called Asteroids Gunner, is a twin-stick shooter for iOS devices (including iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone).

Check out the features:

• Three all-new galaxies to explore and conquer, with 150 waves of asteroids and alien warships to obliterate

• Dual-stick controls for firing and movement, perfect for non-stop blasting action

• Access to three unique space crafts to pilot: the Miner, the Bomber and the Dart

• Legions of power-ups and upgrades to customize your ship and turn it into an unstoppable force

• Earn Crystals and purchase Space Bucks to unlock new galaxies and powerful upgrades

• An extensive achievement system that lets you earn ranks… and bragging rights

• OpenFeint and Game Center integration

It's going to be free-to-play, too, which should lower the barrier to entry when the game releases "soon".


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