Video: Midday Movie Madness

A wide variety of content today, from Fallout to Rabbids, iPhone to Xbox 360.

Check it out...

Fallout New Vegas - Old World Blues
It's like Fallout: New Vegas fell into a great big pot, into which someone tipped a handful of Futurama, a pinch of Portal and stirred it all up with a whacky-looking spoon they nicked from Tim Burton.

Guardians: The Last Day of the Citadel
Interesting-looking game for iPhone, iPad and iPod. A side-scrolling action affair.

One Epic Game
A "Canabalt"-style game for PSP and PS3, the genre for this type of continuous side-scrolling activity is known as "Perpetual Motion". Fitting, really, as you just keep going...

Rabbids - Alive & Kicking
The Kinect-exclusive "Rabbids - Alive & Kicking" kicks off its marketing campaign with a tongue-in-cheek (and timely) dig at Harry Potter...


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Posted by dazluvslfc4lyf
On Thursday 14 Jul 2011 4:06 PM
Fallout New Vegas with elements of Futurama, Portal and Tim Burton you say?? I'm sold lol