EB Games to Launch Online Store in New Zealand

By: Alan Bell
Published: Thursday 23 Jun 2011 3:03 PM

EB Games NZ have announced that, from July, the company will be selling direct to Kiwis online. In anticipation of the revamped online presence, they've taken down their previous website and replaced it with a simple placeholder:

Online gaming retail is already hotly contested in New Zealand, headlined by the likes of Mighty Ape, Fishpond, First Games, with other competition from traditional bricks and mortar stores like The Warehouse, JB Hifi and Harvey Norman.

The new EB Games NZ site found promises to offer pre orders online, with in-store pickup an option.

“The site will be similar to the current Australian EB Games website and is an E-commence store” said Shane Barker, EB Games NZ Marketing & Communication Manager. When asked about the timing of the launch, Mr Barker explained that “In light of security issues that have been in the media as of late, security was a big concern for us.”


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On Thursday 23 Jun 2011 3:17 PM Posted by Kegz NZGamer.com VIP
Wont attracting more attention to online stores just screw them over since most of the reason people buy from EB anyway is just because they're there and you can get it right away.

Oh and you forgot nzgameshop.com guys, a large amount of us use that.
On Thursday 23 Jun 2011 3:25 PM Posted by phantom NZGamer.com VIP
We didn't forget it - the article is more about people operating in NZ, otherwise the list would have gotten way too long :O
On Thursday 23 Jun 2011 4:14 PM Posted by fauzman NZGamer.com VIP
Some gamers (like me)will look for bargains and have a look at the new EB games website but most buy their games from retail stores and are oblivious of online stores and I think that will stay the same. Will this be a website like MA which will only sell new games or is it a wholly online version of the retail stores and sell pre-owned games as well?
On Thursday 23 Jun 2011 6:02 PM Posted by twisterjamz NZGamer.com VIP
Took them long enough, gamesman site has been down for so long
On Thursday 23 Jun 2011 6:35 PM Posted by Killjoy
Last game I bought off EB games was an original xbox game Deer hunter many years ago and only because they had a big sale on, their prices are generally a ripoff.
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On Thursday 23 Jun 2011 11:41 PM Posted by ChatterboxZombie NZGamer.com VIP
23 June 2011, 06:35 PM Reply to Killjoy
Last game I bought off EB games was an original xbox game Deer hunter many years ago and only because they had a big sale on, their prices are generally a ripoff.
this guy, this guy gets it.
but hey, if they wanna compete with steam and mighty ape I say go for it.
On Friday 24 Jun 2011 8:43 AM Posted by count0nz
I Like EB games..
1. Cheap Pro-Owned Games. (20$ for Burnout Legends for example for the PSP)
2. There prices seem competitive to me (they have price matching)
3. there Pretty close to me. the Henderson Mall (WestCity) is the Closest game shop to me worth going to.

4. Always have good staff and Happy to answer any questions or just have a Quick chat. about the Current Games etc.
On Friday 24 Jun 2011 9:25 AM Posted by Ron NZGamer.com VIP
I see the biggest winners will be NZ Gamers, competition will only improve prices and service given.
On Wednesday 13 Jul 2011 9:16 PM Posted by ReaperCrew NZGamer.com VIP
Looks like the new EB Games NZ website is now online...