L.A. Noire Launch Trailer Released

With just a week to go, Rockstar have released a new trailer to celebrate the impending release of their latest game, L.A. Noire.

Check it out:

L.A. Noire, for the uninitiated, is a noir detective thriller, set in an accurately modeled 1940's Los Angeles. Players are challenged to combine their detective nous with their action skills as they take on case after case and follow the career of war hero come detective, Cole Phelps.

The game uses never-before-seen levels of performance capture technology, which it leverages in challenging the player to determine guilt or innocence based solely on the way characters react to their questions. We had a hands-on preview with the game just last week (and another, in January), from which we came away impressed.

You can see what you think for yourself from next Friday (the 20th), when the game releases on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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Posted by ALK3MiST
On Thursday 12 May 2011 2:20 PM
can't wait to really check out this new tech with my own eyes. im a big rockstar fan and i doubt they'll dissapoint. lucky there's no online lol
Posted by highnzbudsmoka
On Thursday 12 May 2011 5:30 PM
One more week bro, one more week.
The Host of Chaos
Posted by The Host of Chaos
On Thursday 12 May 2011 6:05 PM
OH sh*t I FORGOT TO PREORDER!!! I won't get another chance before Thursday =(
Posted by Wh1teDeAth88
On Thursday 12 May 2011 6:55 PM
Those facial animations are incredible, man this is gonna be good