The Monday Roundup (Bayonetta, Portal 2 & Fallout)

Every Monday will be bringing you the weekend's biggest headlines from around the net, summed up for easy consumption.

Portal 2 Set To Expand Via Free DLC
New downloadable content is coming to the first-person puzzler

Portal 2 is getting rave reviews, including a more than respectable 9.0 from us here at NZGamer, however one of the common complaints about the title is that it's not overly long - our review stated that "this was the only downside to an excellent overall package".

That downside, it seems, is going to be addressed by way of extra downloadable content - starting with something known only as "DLC #1", which will be available "this Summer" (our Winter).

What's in the (downloadable) box? New test chambers, leaderboards, a new challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, "and more" - whatever that means.

If you've played Portal 2, like us you're likely very excited by this announcement - inevitable as it might seem in this day and age. Stay tuned for more details as it comes to hand.

There's also a patch for PC players of the game, which primarily eliminates a host of crashes that players on that platform may have been getting.

- source: cvg

Fallout: New Vegas Patch Buggy
Obsidian-developed content buggy, sky blue, taxes and death inevitable

After last week advising that the latest patch for Fallout: New Vegas was available, Bethesda then suggested that Xbox 360 users should decline the update as it was causing instability issues and destroying save games.

The latest update to the Bethesda blog, however, states that a revised version of the patch is now available to players on that platform.

Developed by Obsidian, Fallout: New Vegas, like Knights of the Old Republic II, Neverwinter Nights II and Alpha Protocol before it, is well known for shipping with crashes and serious bugs that significantly impact gameplay. How this will affect Obsidian's upcoming Dungeon Siege III is something that we will be paying particular attention to when it releases in June.

- source: eurogamer

Hideki Kamiya's Bayonetta Commentary
Just what on earth was he thinking? Now you can find out...

When Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya first started talking about Bayonetta, there was a lot of excitement - after all, this guy really knows what he's doing when it comes to making compelling action games and this new franchise was being talked about with all sorts of exciting language.

When it came out, we loved it - giving it a whopping 9.0 and describing it as " the chaotic action game polished to the nth degree" and suggesting that "you need to go out and buy this the next opportunity you get". We did, however, also point out that it was a bit weird in parts: "this has to be the first game ever to feature both throwing a church at a boss and then shooting a cherub in the penis".

If, like us, you wondered what on earth game director Hideki Kamiya was thinking (or just what goes into the making of a big game like this) and you lamented the lack of a "director's commentary" in the game, lament no longer - Hideki has released exactly that, as a series of online videos.

We've got the first one below, and the rest of them can be found at the platinum games blog.

- source: joystiq


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