Buy Pink Monopoly, Fight Breast Cancer

EA and Monopoly have joined forces to fight breast cancer in New Zealand. The Monopoly Streets publisher has donated $112,027 to the New Zealand Breast Cancer foundation, contributing to the charity’s largest single pink product donation to date.

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation thanked EA for their support, "EA and the many other companies behind the donation are all household names donating to a cause which sadly is an all too common household occurrence. The funds raised from sales of Pink Monopoly will help the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation extend its rehabilitation programmes - Dragon Boating, Pink Pilates and Sweet Louise - throughout the country so that more New Zealand women will benefit."

"The aim of Pink Monopoly was to make the game board a reflection of how everyday Kiwis see NZ," said a Hasbro rep. "We invited key organizations to ‘buy and own’ a property on the Monopoly board and they responded generously. The board is a reflection of great New Zealand brands supporting great New Zealand women."

Resplendent in pink, the game follows the same ‘buying, selling and negotiating properties in the quest to own it all’ rules. New Zealand Monopoly Pink Ribbon Edition is out now and each Pink Monopoly game sold will go to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation’s Community Outreach Programmes, supporting women living with breast cancer.

The release of New Zealand Monopoly Pink Ribbon Edition coincides with the game’s 75th anniversary.

Monopoly Streets will be in stores from November 5th for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.


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