Nintendo Connection Tour Coming to Auckland

By: Morgan Bates
Published: Tuesday 1 Jun 2010 10:05 PM

Nintendo today announced the Nintendo Connection Tour will again be making its way to Sylvia Park, Auckland from July 4th - 5th.

This year's event includes a New Super Mario Bros Wii Coin Challenge, in which players compete in individual or Tag Team Battles to win prizes. The winners from each location will be flown to compete in the National Final.

In addition, Nintendo will be demoing the recently released Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Thanks for the tip, Mr.Deflok

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On Tuesday 1 Jun 2010 10:17 PM Posted by Liam_OConnor
Yeah, I got this in my inbox today. Too bad it's in Auckland, though. :(
DoubleLC VIP VIP Bronze
On Wednesday 2 Jun 2010 4:28 AM Posted by DoubleLC
saweeeeeet!! I never thought that coin battles were that competitive, i've only ever played a few but maybe i'll give it a go
emetic VIP VIP Silver
On Wednesday 2 Jun 2010 6:36 PM Posted by emetic
WHat does it mean by "the winners from each location will be flown to compete in the National Final"? I take it the National Final is in Sylvia Park and there are possibly local heats for other cities? Or the National Final is not in Auckland, which would be strange.
On Friday 4 Jun 2010 12:22 PM Posted by JMavz
Sounds good, i don't play mario but this is great!